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LaCie 32GB XtremKey Flash Drive

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If want to keep your crucial data safe, at-hand and portable, this really is the USB stick for you. The drive keeps your data safe electronically as well as physically too, with AES 256-bit encryption and a downloadable software suite which includes password protection, cloud storage, back-up software and LaCie Genie Timeline software. The XtremKey is capable of protecting your data in 200m of water, 200° of heat, chills as low as -30°, 2 minutes of fire exposure, 10m drops, 50g of acceleration and 10 tonnes of pressure.

Further details

  • Fast: up to 230MB/s
  • Waterproof: 200 meters
  • Resistant: heat, cold, shock, pressure, drops
  • Secure: AES 256-bit encryption

Built for the Extremes

Introducing the next generation in industrial-strength storage – the LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0. If you want to push the limits of speed, capacity, and security for your data, the LaCie XtremKey was built with you in mind. It features transfer speeds up to 230MB/s*, capacity up to 64GB, and the ability to withstand crushing pressures, oceanic depths, and extreme temperatures. The LaCie XtremKey is about as hardcore as external storage gets.

Extremely Secure

We've put it to the test, and the XtremKey USB 3.0 is LaCie's strongest, toughest USB key yet. Its ZAMAC metal alloy construction withstands severe shock, relentless pressure, dizzying drops, and temperatures as bone chilling as -30°C (-22°F) and as scorching as 200°C (392°F). It features heat, cold, drop, shock, and pressure resistance to protect your data from the outside elements, plus AES 256-bit software encryption to secure it from the inside.

Extremely Waterproof

The LaCie XtremKey is IP-68 Level 8 certified, making it watertight up to 200 meters (656 feet). The memory modules are shielded inside a 2mm casing and sealed with wear-resistant screw threads and a hermetic, rubber O-ring. So if your LaCie XtremKey plunges overboard while scuba diving – grab your gear and dive in after it. Your data will stay dry and secure inside.

Extremely Fast

Extremely large files need extreme speed. With the LaCie XtremKey's USB 3.0 interface, you get speeds up to 230MB/s for extraordinarily fast file transfers that allow you to transfer three HD movies or 9,200 photos in less than one minute. USB 3.0 represents an enormous speed increase from USB 2.0, and best of all, it's backward compatible with USB 2.0. Never worry about connectivity.

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Product Specification

Size (mm) 74 x 22 mm
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