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Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope

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The Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope is designed to take your astronomical observation to a new level. It features a high-quality objective lens of 130 mm diameter with three interchangeable eyepieces that offer low to high magnification range. It comes with a special RA motor drive which when installed onto the telescope facilitates automatic tracking of celestial objects, once located. Besides, you can set the speed of tracking with a variable speed adjustment switch and get your telescope to full compatibility with the northern and southern hemispheres with the N/S switch. With an easy set-up of pre-assembled tripods, you can mount the Polaris 130 MD EQ3 telescope and view the moon, planets, stars, galaxies, and other space objects with clarity. The red dot finder and AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition DVD Software that are included in the package make it easier to locate and track your subject.

Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope Key Features:

  • Achromatic refractor optical design
  • 130 mm reflector telescope for a clear view of distant objects
  • Three eyepieces for various magnification options (Low, Medium, and High)
  • EQ3 equatorial mount for the stability of the telescope
  • RA motor drive for automatic tracking of celestial bodies
  • Barlow lens for double magnification
  • Dual slow-motion controls for easy tracking
  • Red dot viewfinder for easier location and tracking of celestial objects
  • What's in the box?

  • 1 x Meade Polaris 130 mm MD Equatorial Reflector Telescope
  • 3 x Eyepieces- (25x, 72x, and 103x magnification)
  • 2 x Barlow Lens
  • 1 x Electronic RA Motor Drive
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Pre-assembled Tripod with Accessory Tray
  • 1 x AutoStar Suite Astronomy Planetarium DVD for Windows
  • 1 x User Guide
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • FAQs:

    How does this reflector telescope compare with Polaris 114mm German Equatorial Reflector Telescope?

    The Meade Polaris 114 mm Reflector Telescope provides up to 228x magnification with 1000 mm focal length, while this Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope offers up to 260x magnification with the focal length of 650 mm.

    Can you attach a DSLR to this reflector telescope with no focusing issue?

    For attaching a DSLR to this Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope, you just need to take off the eyepiece and use a T2 T-Ring and a 1.25’’ or 31.75 mm adapter for your camera

    How does this telescope compare with Orion StarMax 90 mm?

    The Orion StarMax 90 mm is a tabletop Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope that comes with two eyepieces, a 90 mm aperture, and an EZ Finder II reflex sight for focusing and tracking. The Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope has 130 mm aperture, 3 eyepieces, and it provides a more clear and in-depth view of the celestial objects.

    Can you easily separate this telescope from the tripod for transporting?

    You can easily detach the Meade Polaris 130 MD EQ3 Reflector Telescope’s focal tube from the tripod by unscrewing 2 butterfly nuts on the clamp.

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    Product Code: 1754001-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 156385