This morning Canon announced their much-teased Canon EOS R3. A welcomed addition to their pro-mirrorless line up the R3 lets you photograph sport, wildlife and news at a speedy 30fps. This model can also identify your subject just by looking at it, with the ability to track and keep it in focus, what's more it can do this for people, animals and vehicles. You can pre-order yours, along with two RF lenses, also launched today, the portrait friendly 16mm and the superb 100-400mm which is perfect for beautiful bokeh and close up detail.

Canon EOS R3 Digital Camera Body

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The new Canon EOS R3 | Hands-on first look

Trading up to the EOS R3

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body
Canon EOS -1D X Mark III Body
Canon EOS R5 Body
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New Canon RF Lenses

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