Back in 2010 Fujifilm announced the X100, its first X series camera. This advanced compact was intensely popular, with an APS-C sensor and fixed 23mm f/2 lens.

The 5th iteration of this series has now been announced. Say a big hello to the new Fujifilm X100V! With internals almost exactly the same as the X-Pro 3, the new X100V has a 26MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor powered by the X-Processor 4.

The big upgrade to the new camera is the lens. All previous version have had the same 23mm f/2 lens, but this has now been upgraded to a Mark II version - with greater resolving power and better quality optics. There is now a 4-stop ND filter built in and the battery, though the same as its predecessor, can now power the camera for 420 shots CiPA rated.

Usability has been improved 10 fold with the addition all Fujifilm users were longing for, a tilt-screen. Shooting from the hip, especially using the incredibly accurate eye-AF is now even easier.

Accessories and attachments

Fujifilm X100V BLC-X100V Full Premium Case

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