Kipon is now available at Wex! Browse our affordable range of Kipon adapters and lenses on our website. We included some of our top selections – from the classic wide-angle 35mm f2.4 to the short telephoto prime 90mm f2.4 lens. Both compact and lightweight, the lenses carry a nostalgic feel to them with a long-standing design. And with a variety of mounts including Canon RF, Nikon Z and Sony E you can find the perfect Kipon lens for you.

Kipon Prime Lenses

Kipon 24mm f2.4 Lens



Kipon 35mm f2.4 Lens



Kipon 50mm f2.4 Lens



Kipon 75mm f2.4 Lens



Kipon 90mm f2.4 Lens



Kipon Mount Adapters