Mars at Opposition

Friday 27th July

Mars reaches its opposition, (it’s furthest point from the Sun) this July 27th and also it’s perigee to Earth, it’s closest approach.

The dark markings and bright Polar icecaps, make the Martian Disk a wonderful subject to study and record, with new features coming in to view night to night as Mars rotates.

 A telescope with a diameter of 100mm will start to bring out modest detail. Moving up to apertures of 150mm or more, and the detail will be brighter and more apparent still.

To mark this Celestial event we have pulled together a range of telescopes and accessories that will help you observe the 'Mars Opposition'.

 Mars Special

100-150mm Apertures

150mm+ Apertures

CCDs & Imaging Platforms

Eyepieces & Filters

Observation Binoculars