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Safe Solar Observing


Caution: Observing the sun - even momentarily - through optics without the use of a solar filter is liable to cause permanent eye damage. To help prevent accidental exposure, Wex Photographic recommends the following steps be taken:

  • Ensure that everyone participating in solar viewing is made aware of the hazard and does not directly look at the sun without using a solar filter.
  • Children should be closely supervised at all times.
  • Check the filter for flaws, scratches and damage prior to each use. Do not use it if it is compromised.
  • Remove the finder-scope from your telescope prior to solar viewing, in order to ensure that you do not accidently catch sight of the sun through it.
  • Ensure that the filter is securely fitted and will not fall or be knocked off during use. Be sure to check that it is firmly attached prior to each use.

Telescope Solar Filters


Kendrick Solar Filters

Kendrick filters fasten safely to your telescope dewshield or to the end of the OTA with Nylon screws, and come in multitude of different sizes to fit just about any telescope on the market. 

Baader Solar Filters

Baader Solar Filters are available in 21 filter variants for telescopes, spotting scopes, or binoculars. All Filters feature clear white aluminium front frames, powder coated with IR (heat) - rejecting paint. 

Apple iMac

Apple iMac

Camera Solar Filters