New Lighting Product Announcements


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F+V RTX-1 Wireless Router with Art-Net

£160.00 View

PocketWizard Plus IIIe Transceiver

£130.00 View

PocketWizard Plus IIIe Transceiver Twin Set

£234.00 View

PocketWizard Plus IVe Transceiver

£150.00 View

DMG Lumiere SL1 MIX LED Panel

£2,052.00 View


£818.40 View

Profoto A1X AirTTL-FujiFilm

£779.00 View

Profoto A1X Off-Camera Kit - FujiFilm

£869.00 View

Vibesta Peragos Disk Bi-colour LED Light

£144.00 View

Vibesta Peragos Disk RGBWW LED Light

£194.00 View

Aputure MC RGBWW LED Light

£112.95 View

Bowens Beam Reflector

£94.00 View

Bowens Beauty Dish

£114.00 View

Bowens Strip Softbox 30 x 90cm

£124.00 View

Profoto C1 Plus

£289.00 View

Profoto C1

£129.00 View

Rotolight Titan X2 - Standard Yoke

£4,600.00 View

Elinchrom ELM8 LED Light

£1,299.00 View

NanLite Forza60

Free Battery Grip worth £59.95

£299.00 View

NanLite Forza300

Free Forza60 worth £299

£1,049.00 View

NanLite Forza500

£1,979.00 View

Bowens XE400 Flash Head

Was £349, Now £249

£249.00 View

Aputure Light Storm C300d II LED Light

£1,079.00 View

Phottix M180 LED Light - Space Grey

£95.00 View

Phottix Nuada R3 Video LED Light

£219.00 View

Phottix Padat 3-in-1 Carbon Fibre Light Stand

£165.00 View