Get ready for your kit-bag to get a little lighter and let your adventures wander beyond the light of day and into the night.

No matter where you’re headed next, the Lume Cube should be a part of your get-up-and-go essentials.


The Lume Cube’s durable casing is built for action, providing professional quality lighting to revolutionize your photos and videos. Ready to pair with your smartphone and with its free app to control flash, duration, and brightness across multiple cubes, it’s made to fit your lifestyle.

Now your photo studio can be as mobile as you are. 

Drone Mounts

Attach your Lume Cube to your favorite drone

Take your passion, profession and overall production quality to the next level by capturing never before seen footage.

You can now use your drone as a spotlight to light the scene and never lose sight of it as you fly off into the night. It’s time to truly own the sky, both day and night, with the most powerful drone lights on the market!

Light Modifiers

Control the light with the Lume Cube Light House and modifiers

Snuggly and securely housing your Lume Cube, the Light-House uses strong magnets that allow you to place one or more filter, diffuser or honeycomb over the light source.

Filter packs: In partnership with Lee Filters to create Zircon LED filters that last 200 times longer than standard lighting filters. Not only are they longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they’re sturdier, too.

Diffusion Pack: Soften the light output of the Lume Cube and create a unique and balanced throw of light.

Honeycomb Pack: Alter the shape and intensity of light output by creating a cleaner more balanced spread of light as well as eliminating unwanted light spill.