Buy a Profoto B10 or B10 Plus (Head or Duo Kit) and get up to £900 of free Light Shaping Tools!

Important Information

  • Purchase a Profoto B10 or B10 Plus (head or kit) and receive the following value of Light Shaping Tools when ordered at the same time;
    • a Profoto B10 or Profoto B10 Plus: £450
    • a Profoto B10 Duo Kit or Profoto B10 Plus Duo Kit: £900
  • Offer ends 31st December 2019.
  • Offer is only available through the Wex Contact Centre or in-store. Not available online.
  • Select your desired Light Shaping Tools from the list below, and quote these  to the Wex Customer Service Representative when placing your order.
  • The Wex Customer Service Representative will deduct the applicable value from your basket.
  • If you wish to order more than the applicable value of Light Shaping Tools, you will only need to pay the difference against the promotional value.
  • Promotional value it not transferrable to products outside of the given list.
  • To reach the Wex Contact Centre, call 01603 486413
  • To Find your nearest Wex Store, click here.


Profoto B10 | B10 Plus

Applicable Accessories

Control the Light

Chose your Light Shaping Tools from the following list to the exceeding value of either £450 or £900 to be eligable to receive the corresponding value off your order.