A good studio accessory will become a vital part of any studio set-up, or kit-bag. Saving you time to allow you to get on with the important work of shooting; or providing a wider range of creative options and possibilities. Choose from a great range of high quality, professional studio accessories from the leading brands.

Boxing clever

Apple Boxes

A particularly useful and ubiquitous piece of film studio kit, the humble Matthews Apple Box can see service in many roles: As a prop, leveller, temporary support, or as a height-enhancer for your actors! A Full Apple Box is equivalent to two 1/2 Apples, four 1/4 Apples and eight 1/8 Apples.

Tape it up

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape has a multitude of applications where a strong bond, no-residue, easy tearing, smooth, matte-finish tape is needed. Tape down cables, background materials, set-construction, fix gels to lights, labelling, conduct quick-fix repairs. The list is only limited by imagination.

Clamp down on it

Clips & Clamps

If you need something with a bit more permanence than gaffer tape can offer, or looking for an ingenious mounting solution we have a fantastic range of clips and clamps covering a multitude of applications.

Spray it away

Anti-reflect Spray

Glossy surfaces can be a nightmare with uncontrolled glare and shine. This is where Kenro Anti-reflect Spray will come to your aid, by reducing reflections on product surfaces. Available in black, white and full-matt and simply wipes away once no-longer required.

Weigh it down


Filled or un-filled and from 3Kg to 25Kg, sandbags can reduce the odds of a painful or expensive mishap by anchoring or ballasting a wide range of studio equipment, or as a counter-balance to a boom arm.

Perfect balance

Exposure & Calibration

Get colour correction and exposure control right, fast and first time with a grey card so you can concentrate on the important matter to hand; composition and 'capturing the moment'. Compact and foldable, every kit bag should have one.