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Equip yourself with the latest technical yet stylish gear from Swarovski, add comfort and heat to your bird hide with Walkstool and Celestron or keep yourself safe and seen in the twilight hours with Adventure Lights. We have all you need to enjoy wildlife watching wherever you are.

Walkstool Comfort

The Walkstool Comfort features telescopic legs, which enables the stool to have two seating heights plus it comes with a handy carry bag. Available in three sizes: 55XL, 65 XXL and 75 XXXL.

Adventure Lights

Swarovski Gear Collection

LensCoat LensHide

The LensCoat LensHide covers you, your gear and your tripod. Made from a lightweight, breathable material, the LensHide features a large camo mesh-screen backed by plastic that allows you to see your subjects while you are covered and out of sight, and there is also a large zipper under the window to allow for air flow. Available in lightweight or water repellant fabrics.

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