Designed for the experienced Birder, the Zeiss Victory SF 32mm Binoculars are the culmination of improved design concepts and class-leading standards that allow spotters to get more out of every observation.

The Zeiss Victory SF 32 story

The observation of more birds over a longer, fatigue-free period with benefits in picture quality, ergonomics and field-of-view are the centre considerations of the Victory SF 32mm design.

The Zeiss Victory SF – All the details at a glance

Extremely wide field of view

The wider field of view makes it easier to discover birds and quickly identify the species. It enlarges the observable area of interest by up to 20% in comparison with other binoculars, which, for example, enables considerably faster location of well-hidden birds.

View richly detailed moments


The improved UFL Concept delivers an optical system with SCHOTT fluoride glasses which reduces colour fringing, increases contrast, this guarantees exceptional colour fidelity.

Comfort even after hours of observation


The ErgoBalance Concept of the ZEISS Victory SF enables hour after hour of observation with minimal fatigue by shifting the centre of gravity closer to the eyepieces.

Precise focusing control at your fingertips


The SmartFocus Concept ensures optimum positioning of the focusing wheel – it takes only 1.6 turns to focus between the closest focusing distance and infinity.

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