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PhaseOne Capture One Pro 6 is a professional RAW converter and image editing software. It contains all the essential tools and high-end performance in one package to enable you to capture, organise, edit, share and print images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. Capture One Pro 6's powerful and intuitive toolset is used by professional photographers to achieve world-class image quality with excellent colour and detail.

PhaseOne Capture One Pro 6 main features

Capture and Import

  • Extended Camera Support
    Capture One’s tailor-made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality for leading DSLRs. Each camera is tested and fine-tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best in your camera. Capture One supports image files from the most popular DSLRs - Canon, Epson, Fuji, Konica Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh and Sony - as well as Phase One digital backs and selected Leaf and Mamiya digital backs. For complete list of cameras supported, please visit
  • Importer
    The Import Window allows you to immediately import images and videos. This task is made even easier as you can apply multiple styles to image files during import.
  • Integrated Movie Import
    Import, browse and play back video clips, including HD video, from DSLR cameras.
  • Sessions
    Use the Sessions function to organise all your work and any client project. Sessions enables you to store all files as a complete project that includes RAW files, setting files, library files and output files.
  • Capture Pilot
    Use your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to wirelessly view, zoom and pan high resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images while you shoot and get instant feedback from clients and colleagues.
  • Tethered Capture
    Instantly import and view images as you shoot them with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution. Operate remotely and take advantage of the possibility to apply multiple styles during capture.
    Simply connect your digital back or supported Canon and Nikon DSLR to a computer to view and examine your images on-screen in close-up detail to help make any adjustment choice easy to see. Using the Live Preview function can further speed up image composition, lighting or focus adjustments.
  • Live View
    The Live View can help speed up image composition, lighting, and focusing adjustments. This digital back function makes it possible for the photographer to easily view an image on a computer screen, in real-time.

Organise and Select

  • Advanced file naming
    Capture One provides a powerful renaming tool that enables you to create customised, token-based naming systems with ease. Choose your own combination of text and tokens to create your own bespoke naming system and apply it to an individual photograph or a group of images. Save your naming selection as a preset for future use to ensure image naming consistency.
  • Focus Mask
    Accelerate your image editing selection with the Focus Mask for fast verification of image sharpness and focus. The Focus Mask is applied to all images in the thumbnail browser so it becomes easy to identify the images that have the desired focus. The Focus Mask is perfectly suited for portrait, wedding and fashion shoots where, for example, the eyes of a model need to be in focus.
  • Full-screen
    Take advantage of your display to get a big, unobstructed full-screen view of your work. Make adjustments and compare them side-by-side.
  • Library
    The Library tool allows access to the images within Albums, Smart Albums and Favourites and to any image collections stored in folders on a computer or networked resource. It is easy to browse through the image collections thanks to the hierarchical tree structure of the library. It is even possible to work on images in folders without importing them (e.g. on a server or hard disk) to free up memory on your computer.
  • Loupe Tool
    Capture One’s Loupe Tool is a powerful magnifier that lets you zoom into an image from 25% to 200%. It can be used to quickly check focus or view close-up details of a selected image or even of any thumbnail in the image browser.
  • Metadata
    Capture One offers powerful support for metadata that can streamline workflow throughout the complete post-production process. The Metadata tool enables you to read, update, and modify valuable information at any point within the production process. The latest version adds XMP sync and Auto Load as well as a GPS link to Google Maps. Capture One provides wide support for exchange of metadata between applications.
  • Rating and Colour Tagging
    It is quick and easy to rate and colour tag images to help assist your selection and editing process. Ratings can be applied instantly (on screen or via keyboard shortcuts) from 1 to 5 stars. Colour tags can add another dimension and can be used together with a rating, or as an alternative on its own.
  • Search and Filter
    Search and Filter makes it easy to find, sort and organise images from a selected collection in a folder, session folders, album, or smart album. Resulting images are displayed as thumbnails in the image browser.
  • Smart Albums
    Album folders are virtual collections that offer an easy way to organise images from different folders, without having to create duplicate images in the same folder. Smart Albums are populated automatically by images that match the album’s criteria. Capture One comes with a selection of Smart Albums that are already set up in the library. You can also create your own Smart Albums.
  • Variants
    Variants permit you to create virtual copies of your original image without taking up more than a few kilobytes of hard-drive space. Experiment with different settings or modify the work you have done on an image without risk.
  • Browser Filmstrip
    Capture One allows you to work with images in filmstrip view. You can use filmstrip view in combination with the viewer to quickly scroll from image to image, making changes and comparing images.

Adjust and Optimise

  • Black and white conversion
    Convert your images to black-and-white with powerful sliders that let you precisely adjust the colour channels and create split toning effects when you convert to greyscale.
  • Clarity
    Use the Clarity Tool to improve hazy images by adjusting local contrast and a small amount of sharpness. The tool now allows negative clarity values, which helps smooth out local contrast in portrait images.
  • Colour editor
    Apply subtle colour adjustments with the Colour Editor. Colours can be altered in either a large area using the basic tool, or selected in a narrow colour space with the Advanced Colour Editor tool. The Local Adjustments feature enables you to perform powerful, selective colour adjustments to specific parts of your image with the reassurance that image tones will appear natural, thanks to an inbuilt Smart Saturation function that works intuitively behind the scenes.
  • High Dynamic Range
    Use the High Dynamic Range tool to recover shadow or highlight detail. The tool helps you to perfect high-contrast scenes by eliminating blown out highlights and flat shadows.
  • Keystone correction
    Reduce or eliminate perspective distortion. This powerful Keystone Correction tool can transform warped captures into natural looking images quickly and easily. This tool is particularly useful for correcting the verticals of a building that have been captured at a low angle.
  • Lens correction
    Quickly and easily fix classic optical issues like distortion, light falloff and purple fringing. The Lens Correction tool alleviates optical issues like: Chromatic Aberration, Purple Fringing, Geometric Distortion, Sharpness- and Light Falloff. Capture One has a selection of default lens profiles that can be chosen to automatically correct any unwanted optical issues.
  • Levels and Curves
    The Levels and Curves tool enables you to easily adjust individual colour channels and to be creative with colours. Curve adjustments can be applied to luminance, RGB or individual colour channels. You can set the black, white and mid-tone points, as well as place custom points along the curve.
  • Local adjustments
    Non-destructive local adjustments let you edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control and results. Handle the most common retouch jobs in a few simple strokes to control colours, exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpening and moiré in targeted areas of your image. Deepen the colours of the sky, for instance, while leaving the ocean untouched.
  • Noise reduction
    Luminance and colour noise can be removed from images with two easy-to-use sliders. There is also a Noise Reduction Advanced slider with a Surface Smoothness function that helps gently alter surfaces of similar colour. E.g. car paint can be made to appear smooth while preserving the edge sharpness in the rest of the image.
    The Fine Grain noise reduction slider can be used to make high ISO images appear natural and not “over processed” by introducing a small amount of fine grain into the processing. Together, the Fine Grain and Surface Smoothness functions can significantly increase the quality of high images captured at high ISO settings.
  • Overlay
    This function is often used to shoot an image that will match a specific layout. For example, an image could be captured for a magazine cover where space needs to be left for a masthead and headline copy. Simply drop an image file (with the magazine headlines and copy) into the Overlay function and alter the opacity, scale and placement as needed.
  • Sharpening
    With Capture One you get a range of sharpening presets, formulated to provide a good starting point for sharpening images for most purposes. By default, the sharpening settings have been configured to provide a good-looking image on a screen and are an excellent basis for your own sharpening adjustments.
  • Skin tone enhancer
    Achieve perfect, smooth and soft skin tones with the Skin Tone Colour tool. Precision sliders make it easy to attain consistent and immaculate looking skin tones for portraiture and people photography.
  • Spot removal
    Remove unwanted spots and marks instantly. Spot Removal is a fast and efficient way to remove imperfections in images. Dust spot removal can be used to eliminate spots from a group of images in a single click.
  • Styles and Presets
    Apply creative styles and presets to your images and experience an easy way to be consistently creative with your RAW files. A preset or saved Style will ensure you get a reliable and predictable effect that can be applied to images in the future. Styles can be further adjusted after they have been applied and they can be combined and stacked.
    Styles can be used to apply a set of unique colours or monotone or even imitate the effects and look of classical chemical film and processing methods.
  • Vignetting
    Vignetting is perfect for those times when you deliberately wish to lighten or darken the edges of an image. The vignette slider makes it easy to apply a vignette relative to any cropped image area.
  • White balance
    Capture One makes it simple to achieve your desired white balance setting. An image can be quickly corrected with a built-in auto white balance feature. Alternatively, use the white balance picker to select a neutral area of an image (or a grey or dark white area if possible) that will be used as a reference point to map all other colours. The Skin Tone white balance tool achieves exact skin tone colours without using a grey reference.

Presentations and Delivery

  • CMYK Conversion
    Capture One makes it possible to output to any RGB and CMYK colour space. With a selection of the most common CMYK colour spaces you are able to ensure the quality of the image by performing the conversion yourself and not leaving it to post production.
  • EIP Enhanced Image Package
    Enhanced Image Package is a convenient way of packing your master file with its adjustments for smooth communication with your customers. When the .EIP file is opened by Capture One on your client’s computer, the image file will be seen exactly as you created it.
  • Image output
    Deliver image files to your clients and colleagues in whatever format, size, or resolution they ask for, while preserving the originals. You can process several formats at once and manage exactly what goes on using the batch queue. Use recipes to automate and produce consistent results.
  • Print options
    Showcase your work in creative formats using customised print layouts. Customise the margins, crop to match the aspect ratio of your paper, and add borders in custom widths and sizes. Take advantage of the colour-managed print engine for reliable colour rendition. Include watermarks and add metadata to prints. Capture One provides you with a wealth of printing options.
  • Slide show
    Create a slideshow and showcase your images in a single keystroke. This feature can integrate both still images and video files and it incorporates a selection of slick fades and transitions.
  • Web contact sheet
    Creating a web gallery is quick and easy. The Web Contact Sheet feature in Capture One now has a new selection of flexible templates for impressive web based images presentations.

Workflow and Performance

  • Accelerated Editing and Processing
    Get your work done fast with high performance RAW, JPEG and TIFF image file editing and processing through cross-platform 64-bit support. The 64-bit support takes full advantage of the advanced memory handling capabilities of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems - faster performance which does not compromise image quality.
  • Interactive Speed
    Tap into the vast computing power in your graphics processor and CPU and use it to accelerate your editing tasks. The new OpenCL support will let you experience incredible interactive editing speed.
  • Multi monitor
    Support for multiple monitors enables you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently.
  • Customisation
    Customise your Workspace, Tools and Tool Tabs to make your personal workflow more efficient. Included in Capture One is a selection of best practice default workspaces.
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Product Specification

System Requirements 2GB RAM, 10GB free hard disk space, Calibrated color monitor with at least 1280x800, 24-bit screen resolution
Version 6
Manufacturer Link Phase 1
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With our no deposit Buy Now Pay Later option, pay nothing for six months when you spend £250 or more, then either settle the cash price in full by paying a £29.00 settlement fee, or choose to spread the cost over 36 months at 19.9% APR Representative. Please see the repayment example below to see how much purchasing this item on finance would cost.

Finance Example
Item Value (Cash Price) £295.00
Deposit £0.00
Agreement Duration 42 Months
Total Amount Credit £295.00
Settlement Fee £29.00
Settlement Payment -
Monthly Instalments 35 x £11.55
Final Instalments £11.50
Total Amount Payable £415.75
Annual Rate of Interest 19.9% P.A.
Representative APR 19.9% APR

Are you eligible for finance?

Applicants must be:

  • Aged 18 years or older from the application date
  • In permanent UK residence for a minimum of three years
  • Fulfil at least one of the following employment criteria:
    • In regular, permanent employment.
    • Retired from regular employment - With a minimum age of 50.
    • Not working through disability.
    • Self-employed.

Note: All applicants will be subject to a credit reference check by the lender.

Credit is subject to application and status. Warehouse Express Ltd trading as Wex Photographic act as credit broker and not the lender. Barclays Partner Finance act as the lender.

Can I repay early? If so how?

No repayments are scheduled in the initial six-month deferral period. However, it is possible to pay off the loan, either by way of a lump sum or in smaller amounts. If the loan is fully repaid within the six-month deferral period, then no interest is payable, but a £29.00 early-settlement will be incurred. Such repayments may be made to Barclays Partner Finance by cheque, debit card or standing order. Unfortunately it is not possible to set up a direct debit within the deferral period. Further information on how to make such repayments will be set out in the loan agreement pack provided by Barclays Partner Finance.

What happens if I don't repay within the first six months (deferral period)?

Following the six month deferral period, Barclays Partner Finance will initiate a monthly direct debit payment for the remaining duration of the loan. Interest will be charged at a rate of 19.9% APR on outstanding balances (backdated to the first date of the loan). Late payment penalties and early repayment charges will apply from this point. Barclays Partner Finance will send a reminder letter approximately one month before the six month deferral period is due to elapse. Note: If you chose to spread the cost and pay monthly, interest is charged from the start of the loan, not from the start of the repayment period.

What will I receive from the finance provider (lender)?

Barclays Partner Finance will send a loan agreement pack approximately four weeks after delivery of the goods, confirming that the account has been activated and, from this point, it is possible to make repayments against the loan.

For further information on how our finance product work, see our Finance help section.

To apply for finance, follow these three easy steps

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Complete the online form

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