Rode NT1A Vocal Pack
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Rode NT1A Vocal Pack

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Characterised by its crisp sound reproduction, intuitive use, extended dynamic range, and compact design, the Rode NT1A Vocal Pack has been a choice of audio professionals and engineers throughout the world. Equipped with impressive low self-noise technology, this microphone eliminates handling, rumbling, and movement noises, providing clean sound quality.

Rode NT1A Vocal Pack Key Features:

  • Large diaphragm true condenser microphone offers warm and clear sound
  • Excellent sonic signature that captures pro-quality vocal and instrument audio
  • Cardioid polar pattern minimises ambient noises and plosives behind the microphone
  • Transformer-less electronic circuitry reduces noise and maximises signal gain
  • Self low-noise technology eliminates rumbling, handling, and plosive noises
  • High dynamic range preserves sound quality even at louder sound
  • Integrated shock mount capsule eliminates vocal plosives and sound disturbances
  • Integrated shock mount capsule eliminates vocal plosives and sound disturbances
  • Capable of operating on 24 or 48 V phantom power for reliable functioning
  • Gold plating on the XLR output connector facilitates an optimal signal transfer
  • Comes with an SM6 shock mount that further reduces rumbling and cable noises
  • Supplied with a pop filter to eliminate background tones and vocal plosives
  • Dedicated cover protects the microphone from dust, dirt, and minor scratches

Expanded Rode NT1A Vocal Pack Key Features:

Impressive Quality

Rode NT1A combines a true condenser microphone with transformer-less circuitry, providing you excellent quality sound for all types of vocal and instrumental applications. Featuring a 2.5 cm gold-sputtered large-diaphragm, this microphone is capable of offering a broad frequency response, wide dynamic range, and exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. Plus, this versatile microphone houses an advanced transformer-less circuitry that promotes ultra-low-noise output, below 5dBA, and maintains maximum signal gain.

Cardioid Pattern

The true condenser microphone exhibits a stunning sonic signature, providing a soft tone and warmth for vocals and instrumentals. Equipped with a cardioid polar pattern, this microphone picks up sound from the front of the microphone while eliminating every other sound in the background, offering a clean and clear sound. Its high extended frequency responses reward you with a smooth and silky vocal reproduction with high accuracy. Additionally, the cardioid pattern also enables recording different types of instruments with ease. The NT1A’s top-end ensures capturing every nuance of acoustic guitars and pianos. And the high SPL capability promises excellent results with drums and percussion instruments.

Complete Kit

Versatile and intuitive, the Rode mic comes studio-ready with all its professional accessories. It includes a high-quality suspension shock mount that isolates sounds created by physical factors, such as handling, rumbling and cable noises. Adding to its versatility and noiseless recording is the supplied pop filter, which eliminates vocal plosives and ambient noises to some extent. And a dust cover is also supplied to keep the microphone in pristine condition by protecting it against dust, dirt, and scratches. A 20 m XLR cable is also supplied to establish an easy connection with a recorder or amplifier.

Low-Self Noise

Characterised by its low-self noise technology, this professional microphone ensures clear sound reproduction by eliminating external sound sources below 5 dB, offering noise-free sound. Not only this but the NT1A features an integrated shock mount that eliminates handling and rumbling noises too. In addition to all these, the Rode professional microphone features a gold-sputtered large diaphragm that offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, preserving audio quality even at louder sounds.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Rode NT1A Vocal Microphone
  • 1 x XLR Microphone Cable 20 m
  • 1 x SM6 Shock Mount
  • 1 x Removable Pop Filter
  • 1 x Dust Cover
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


Can you capture audio from an instrument with this microphone?

This versatile microphone is capable of capturing sound from instruments. With an impressive top end, this mic allows for capturing sound from stringed instruments including violin, acoustic guitar, cello, piano and so much more. Also, its high SPL capabilities enable you to capture audio from drum kits and percussion instruments.

Do you need a stand and headphones for monitoring with this microphone?

This microphone is supplied with a shock mount that requires a microphone stand for stability. You can choose standard, desktop, or other types of stands as per the required application. Please note that this mic is not supplied with a stand. You would need headphones with this microphone for monitoring purposes.

Can you operate this microphone via a USB cable?

This microphone features an XLR input and it works on phantom power. You cannot use this mic with a USB connector. A 20 m XLR cable is supplied with this microphone.

Is this mic supplied with a pop filter?

A pop-filter is supplied with this microphone along with other accessories. The pop-filter would drastically reduce plosives and ambient tones.

What are the frequency range and maximum SPL capability of this mic?

This microphone features a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, allowing you to record and experiment with a variety of sounds. Its maximum SPL capability is 137 dB.

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Product Specification

Is Good For VoiceOver
Pick-up pattern Cardioid
Type Desk
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