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Rogue FlashBender 2 - Portable Lighting Kit

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Containing a wealth of accessories for your flashgun, the Portable Lighting Kit allows you to shape, soften, control and colour light - creating the images you desire. The kit comprises of large and small reflectors panels with matching diffusion panels, the 3-in-1 grid kit, 20 LEE grid filters, 20 LEE flashgun filters and a handy carry-bag.

Kit Contents:

The FlashBender 2 Large Reflector (254mm x 280mm)
The Rogue FlashBender 2 Large Reflector can be shaped into different positions to control bounced flash such as a flag to shape background light, or a snoot for spot lighting. The Flashbender 2 benefits from custom made lighter weight materials allowing greater flexibility and shape manipulation and a 20-30% weight reduction. It has positional rods that allow you to mould the reflector to any position required and it holds the shape of your creativity. The new attachment design uses a belt and buckle system to provide a faster, securer attachment to your flash. The integrated attachment is fully adjustable to fit a range of flashes from 8 inches to 9 ¾ inches

FlashBender 2 Small Reflector (254mm x 178mm)
Like its big brother, the small reflector may be used for bounced flash or as a flag. Its small size ensures that it fits neatly into a side pouch, so you’ll always have it to hand.

3-in-1 Flash Grid
The Flash Grid system helps to produce a precise directional spot of light with gradual fall off and can be used as a main, hair, background, accent or mood light. It uses a unique, patented design which is made up of two stackable honeycomb grid inserts. From these two grids you are able to achieve a 16, 25 and 45-degree grid spot angle. The system comprises of a flash unit attachment, grid holder, grids and a durable storage pouch.

Large Diffusion Panel (229mm x 203mm)
The Large Diffusion Panel allows you to convert the Large FlashBender Reflectors into a lightweight, low profile soft box for flashguns. The Diffusion Panel attaches quickly to the reflector using Velcro that is sewn into both the panel and reflector.

Small Diffusion Panel (229mm x 114mm)
The Small Diffusion Panel allows you to convert the Small FlashBender Reflectors into a lightweight, low profile soft box for flashguns. The Diffusion Panel attaches quickly to the reflector using Velcro that is sewn into both the panel and reflector.

Rogue Grid Gels – Combo Filter Kits includes 20 Colours
The Rogue Grid Gels are custom cut LEE Filters specifically made for the Rogue Grid System. The Filter Kit comprises of 20 circular lighting filters which come in a durable padded pouch with tabbed dividers to help keep the filters organised. The dividers offer additional information such as the names, f stop loss and white balance values (if applicable). The gels are also all individually labelled with the LEE filter name and f stop information printed directly onto them to make sure you always know which gel you are using. The colours included in the kit are:
1x Chocolate, 1x Smokey Pink, 1x Follies Pink, 1x Bright Red, 1x Rust, 1x Dark Salmon, 1x Oklahoma Yellow, 1x Medium Yellow, 1x Deep Purple, 1x Special KH Lavender, 1x Just Blue, 1x Medium Blue Green, 1x Steel Green, 1x Moss Green, 1x 1/2 CTB (Colour Temperature Blue), 1x Full CTO (Colour Temperature Orange), 1x 1/2 CTO (Colour Temperature Orange), 1x 1/4 CTO (Colour Temperature Orange), 1x Plus Green, 1x Heavy Frost Diffusion.

Rogue Flash Gels – Combo Filter Kit includes 20 Colours
The team at Rogue have developed quick and easy to use Flash Gels that require no holders, or velcro attachments, just gels and a silicone moulded elastic band. The system can be attached to any shoe mounted flash unit and allows you to swap out gels with ease. The kit includes: 1x Attachment Band, 1x Storage Pouch with Dividers, Coloured Filters (20 in total, same colours as the Grid Gels).

Travel Bag
The Travel Bag is to help simplify storage and transportation to and from location. Manufactured from ultra-durable fabric, it is large enough to accommodate the whole lighting kit.

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Product Specification

For Use With Any flashgun
Included Accessories Large reflector, small reflector, 3-in-1 grid kit, large diffuser, small diffuser, 20 flahsgun filters, 20 grid filters, carry-bag
Type Flash Accessories
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