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Seculine Action Level Cross

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The Seculine Action Level Cross is a digital levelling device that will attach top any camera with a hotshoe. The Cross design shows both horizontal and vertical level position via 7 colour LEDs for each axis, with the centre light being green to show that the camera is level and the outer lights coloured red to show that the shot is at a slant. A third set of lights across the rear of the Seculine Action Level Cross makes is easy to determine the cameras horizontal level when using the viewfinder. These LEDs make the Seculine Action Level Cross a real advantage in low light conditions or anywhere a regular bubble-type level would be difficult to read.

Key Features: Seculine Action Level Cross

  • Landscape Mode - This neat new device will work in standard Landscape mode helping to make sure your camera is level to the horizon, as well as for vertical alignment which can be expecially useful when shooting cityscapes and landscapes to reduce converging verticles with wide angle lenses.
  • Portrait Mode - When your camera is tilted into Portrait style either to the right or left, the Action Level Cross will automatically sense the orientation and display information on its coloured LED lights guiding you to set the camera level on each required axis.
  • Vertical Mode - For architectural applications and copy work the Action leval Cross will sense that the camera is in a vertical orientation, whether pointing the lens vertically upwards or downwards displaying guide LED lights to achieve perfect alignment.
  • Adjustment - The Action Level Cross has various adjustment buttons to alter the level of sensitivity and the brightness of the LED lights as well as being able to custom calibrate the unit for your particular application.
  • Remote Slave Unit for Action level (Optional Accessory) - For those looking to use their camera in low angle or overhead, maybe on a monopod or pole, there is also a remote unit available (sold seperately) which will show relayed information via a cable from the unit on your camera. This remote unit displays information in exactly the same way as the Action level cross, allowing you to easily make sure your camera is level.
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Product Specification

Colour Black
For use with Any camera with a hot shoe fitting
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Product Code: 1518527-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 7303 Got a question? Get it answered...