EIZO - ColorEdge CS Series

EIZO ColorEdge CS Series.

The Prosumer Range EIZO ColorEdge CS is designed to help take your appreciation of colour and detail to new levels, with 99% Adobe RGB gamut, Digital Uniformity Equaliser, smooth colour gradation and 5 year on-site warranty. There are three monitors in the CS Series: the entry level CS230 with 23” screen; the CS2420 with 24.1” display; and the CS2730 with 27” screen for the aspiring creative. All come with ColorNavigator calibration software to keep your images as colourful and vivid as they are in real life. View >>

EIZO - ColorEdge CG Series

EIZO ColorEdge CG Series.

The Professional Range EIZO ColorEdge CG is split into three sections: 4k Definition, High Definition and HDR. Each gives you exceptional detail and smooth images, as well as built-in calibration sensors, media emulation and True Black display. There are six monitors in the range: two 4K monitors and four HD displays, with screen sizes ranging from 23.8” to 31.1”. All cover 99% of the RGB gamut and have built-in calibration sensors. Other benefits include a 3D Look-Up Table, True Black display and Out of Gamut Warning.View >>

Eizo ColorEdge CS2410 24 Inch IPS Monitor


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EIZO - FlexScan

EIZO FlexScan Series.

The EIZO FlexScan series is a range of professional PC monitors for offices and homes. The high-quality office LCDs combines ergonomic and economical properties with excellent image quality and durability. Alongside the tried-and-tested FlexScan EV models in widescreen format, there are also monitors in the classical 5:4 or 4:3 format in the Square series.View >>


True Black: Colour depth for plastic images.

Dark tones often appear faint or washed-out on LCD screens. True Black improves the contrast ratio and dark tones appear deeper – particularly when looking at the monitor from the side.

Precise colour rendering thanks to high-resolution 3D look-up table

The 3D LUT provides for the most precise tone value allocation possible and extremely exact colour tone rendering, which is shown amongst other things in the grey scale. Brightness levels in relation to the image signal vary from module to module in LCDs and the colour mixture (addition) of red, green, and blue also varies. This can be exactly determined and controlled only with the aid of specific measuring devices. EIZO therefore configures all of its monitors in the CG series and its colours and tone value curve in the factory. This results in a consistent colour temperature over the entire grey scale. The result: The colour reproduction is equal, precise, and reliable across each individual CG279X monitor.

10 bit colour depth: a billion colours in the finest grades

Thanks to the 10 bit colour display based on a 16 bit LUT, you can utilize a huge colour spectrum. This is made possible by the rapid DisplayPort and HDMI connections in combination with the frame rate control. A billion colours at your fingertips simultaneously. That is 64 times more colours than with an 8 bit display. The colour gradations are finer and the colour differences between adjacent colours are smaller. The enhanced greyscale range is equally important for post-production. With the 10 bit greyscale range activated, between 6% and 14% more greyscales are visible.

Gamut Warning

The Gamut Warning operates in two modes: Rec. 2020 image content that can’t be displayed in the Rec. 709 gamut is displayed in greyscale. Alternatively, clipping mode is simulated in Rec. 709 to show how Rec. 2020 material would look on HDTV devices.