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Sigma fp.
World's smallest and lightest full-frame camera.


Sigma fp

The Sigma fp Digital Camera Body is an interchangeable-lens digital camera offering a 35mm 24.6-megapixel Full-Frame Back-Illuminated Bayer CMOS imaging sensor. Sigma prides itself with deconstructing the now-well-known Mirrorless-System digital camera in both its values and technology. Through this, they have created the world’s smallest and lightest, pocket-sized Full-Frame camera. With the camera users at the heart of reverse-engineering digital cameras, Sigma has brought to life a device that is true-to-life and adapts itself to the unorganised needs of the modern creative.

Sigma Lenses

Wide Angle Lenses

Sigma Macro

MACRO. Macro lenses are indispensable for the close-up photography required to detect and record these magical scenes.

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Sigma Telephoto

TELEPHOTO. Telephoto lenses pull in distant subjects and bring them right in front of you.

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Sigma Teleconverters

TELECONVERTERS. Increase maximum photography magnification by 1.4x or 2x.

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