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SpiderPro Hand Strap - Black

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Beautifully merging comfort and practicality, the SpiderPro hand strap demonstrates the same level of thoughtful design as the Spider camera holster. The hand grip aids in cradling pro-level cameras, providing a greater level of stability, security and peace of mind, coupled with greatly increased comfort on long shooting sessions.

Ground-breaking Features, Beautiful Design, Great Functionality
In a world of camera hand straps that simply do not work, the SpiderPro Hand Strap is set far above the rest – its ground-breaking concepts and features, functionality, and beautiful design, mark a paradigm shift in how a hand strap should look, work, and function. The SpiderPro hand strap is designed for professional camera bodies and shooting environments, and its performance and ergonomics are simply unparalleled.

  • Adjustable to any size wrist.
  • Compatible with extended battery pack/vertical grips.
  • Puts your hand in a perfect shooting position.
  • Compatible with any tripod or Spider plate.
  • Clear access to your memory card slots and battery door.

Demonstration video:

Universal compatibility
The SpiderPro Hand Strap is truly universal: thin but extremely durable material slides IN BETWEEN the camera body and the tripod plate – ANY plate – so you don’t have to buy/replace your own.

Thoughtful design
The camera slot connection is carefully designed and crafted from proprietary materials that allow BOTH a sound connection to the camera body (so you can slide your hand in/out) and flexibility so you can reach your camera’s back controls.

Curved shape
The SpiderPro Hand Strap’s unique ‘S’ is the only strap designed to allow clear access to the battery door and memory card slots.

Superior support
The SpiderPro Hand Strap’s combination of design and materials provides real weight support in the correct place on your hand: over and above your knuckles, and close to your wrist. The curved shape also positions your hand in a perfect shooting position (45 degrees to the camera body) allowing you to reach the trigger and all other controls.

Maximum comfort
Our proprietary hand strap materials - including genuine leather - curves to the shape of your hand, providing a high degree of functionality – which is especially important for users with camera bodies without a vertical grip. High-quality memory foam on the inner side of the strap provides greater comfort over longer periods of time.

Wrist strap included
Our hand strap ships with an optional leather wrist strap. Snap on the wrist strap for extra support and security when you need it.

Set up guide

Frequently asked questions

“I am currently using a shoulder sling strap – can my shoulder strap round fastener work with the SpiderPro Hand Strap?”
This setup can present some unique challenges. We provide you with a round rubber washer, so please make sure you insert that part per instructions to prevent slipping/de-threading. Results may vary, depending on connector type and make.

“My camera does not have the regular slot style connection, but has a round eyelete connector (some Nikon bodies, Sony, etc.). Will the SpiderPro Hand Strap work with these cameras?” Yes! Please use the metal wire part and attach per the instructions that come with the SpiderPro Hand Strap.

“What if I don’t have a tripod plate?”
No problem. The SpiderPro Hand Strap ships with everything you need to use it, right out of the box.

“Will the SpiderPro Hand Strap work with my short and long camera bodies (i.e vertical grip)?”
Yes, the SpiderPro Hand Strap is designed to work with or without vertical grip.

”What are the snaps for? Some of the photos show a leather piece attached to the snaps.”
We include an optional wrist strap that can be attached via the snaps for additional support, if desired.

”What if taking the camera out and in of my holster is difficult when my hand is in the hand strap?”
Please make sure you take your hand OUT of the hand strap, hold your camera with your right hand OUTSIDE the hand strap – then insert the camera into the holster. Repeat the same for taking your camera out of the Holster. This may take a few minutes to get used to, but will become second nature after a short while!

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Product Specification

Cable Type DSLR
Colour Black
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Product Code: 1572733-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SPD975