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Tiffen 52mm Wedding Portrait Kit

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The Tiffen 52mm Wedding Portrait Kit includes a variety of useful 52mm screw-on filters to enhance your wedding and portrait photography. Pre-packaged assortments, with combinations of Tiffen's most popular filters, provide a range of artistic possibilities for almost every application and budget. The kit contains: Warm Soft/FX 3, Black Pro-Mist 3, Warm Pro-Mist 3 and a 4-Pocket Filter Pouch. For information on the individual filters please click on the further details tab.

Tiffen Wedding Portrait Kit

Warm Soft/FX 3
Combines the innovative diffusion technology of the Soft/FX filters with the exclusive 812 warming filter, balancing contrasting skin tones to make people look their best.

  • Ideal for all "people" photography
  • Two best portrait effects combined
  • Gives skin a warm healthy glow

Black Pro-Mist 3
These Hollywood/FX® filters were originally designed for the TV and Motion Picture industry, but are now available to all photographers and videographers.

  • Offers all the benefits of the Pro-Mist filter in a more subtle form
  • Highlight flares are controlled
  • Contrast is lowered, but with less lightening of shadows for a more delicate effect
  • Creates a soft light "pastel" effect
  • Delicate effect with contained highlight flare
  • Also available in DV Select Kit 3 and DV ”Film Look” Kit

Warm Pro-Mist 3
Combines the benefits of the widely acclaimed Pro-Mist® with the Tiffen exclusive 812® filter. Useful in outdoor open shade situations where there is excessive blue in the image and when total control over lighting may not be possible.

  • Great for portraits and scenics
  • Adds natural warmth to skin tones, exterior shade and highlight areas
  • Eliminates pale, washed out skin tones often caused by electronic flash
  • Can also help balance contrasting skin tones within one scene
  • Neutral colors remain unaffected

4-Pocket Filter Pouch

  • Available in 4 or 6 filter capacities
  • Durable, padded ballistic nylon
  • Convenient pull tabs for easy filter removal
  • Belt loop for portability
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Product Specification

Thread Size (mm) 52
effects Kit
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