GPlus Widget Block

The GPlus Widget Block creates a Google Plus page 'follow' badge that can be used in any content block area.

Under the Block's Content Tab, there's only one setting

  • Google+ Profile Url - this should be an external link to the google plus page the widget should feature
    e.g. for our account, for Canon UK's account.

Under the Block's Settings Tab, there have been a couple of additions to the default block settings options

  • Layout - Portrait or Landscape
  • Theme - Light or Dark
  • Width - 180-450 for Portrait, 273-450 for landscape.
  • [ ] Show Cover Photo - Displays the cover photo in the badge if set to true and the photo exists.
  • [ ] Show Tag Line - Displays the page's tag line if set to true.

These settings allow you to modify the badge display inline with Google's Google+ badge display options.

By default the Google+ badge isn't responsive, and the 180 width is too wide for our site sidebar in small desktop view.