Image Block

The image block does exactly what you'd expect it to do - output an image.

Wex Usage Case

If you ever need to output an image in a content block in a page, you should use this block to contain the image. No resizing of the image is applied (aside from the 100% width of the container block CSS rule), which can result in much larger image file sizes being output to the browser. This negativly affects page load speed and should be avoided in all cases.

Content Settings

  • Image - Select an image to output from the Episerver Media Library
  • Description - Text here is used for the image alt and title attributes.
  • CSS Class - adds a style="[class]" to the img output which can be used to apply any specific CSS rules to this block
  • Caption - Text added here is used to add a <p class="text-center">[caption]</p> under the image
  • Width - no effect
  • Height - no effect