Nested Content Area Block

The Nested Content Area Block allows you to create a block of blocks, useful when you've a common sidebar to add to every blog post, or are layout out a page which contains severa sections of other blocks.

The only settings available in the Nested Content Area Block are the Main Content blocks that are to be used in this block.  You can drag a Nested Content Area Block into itself, but the output tells you that you've created a circular reference.

Block width display settings are relative. So a block that's set to 1/2 width, with be a 1/2 width inside a Nested Content Area Block.

Newly created blocks default to 1/3 width, so their display width generally needs changing to suit the container the block is in:

Block Width Settings 

The block containing images on the left has been left with two default width blocks in side it, and the same block is used below this text to demonstrate the issues this can have.

Adaptive Image Block