Part Exchange Form

Part Exchange forms capture customer data so we can generate a part exchange quote.

They have two columns - a narrow left hand side column which is only visible on larger devices, and a wider right hand column which holds the page heading, standard XHTML section, a block section and the actual form.

Page Attributes

When creating a page, select a Part Exchange Page and add a product title:


Product Page - Adding Events 

The events need to be filled out in order to process the correct information to the customer in a new quote form. 

Value: The amount of trade in bonus followed -trade-in-bonus.

Date Name: The product name.

Date Value: The amount of trade in bonus copied in to this field.

Email template: This is the form the customer recieves. The default form is part-exchange-email


The content area needs to include the 'trade up' header block and a 'Trade-in Process 1-2-3' block (this appears in the left hand side), and a trade-in bonus heading.

Teaser text

This is needed to display on the trade-in listing page, (see right image).

Add the image by SKU.

Add a description of the upgrade offer.

Add a caption (product name).

Add teaser text (trade up info).



 Creating a trade up header

To create the top header for the form navigate to blocks > Part-Exchange Form > trade up header and copy this block. (See left). After this, paste the block under 'For This Page' at the bottom of the list. (See  right). Then edit the block and once complete, under the Content tab on the form drag it in to the Page Promo Content Area.