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Adobe After Effects CS6 - AOO License 1 User

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The Adobe After Effects CS6 AOO License 1 User is an electronic version, no disc will be included and a product key will be sent instead via email. Adobe After Effects CS6 includes powerful new features and allows you to create moving images as unlimited as your imagination. Industry-standard Adobe After Effects Creative Suite 6 software helps you deliver cinematic visual effects and sophisticated motion graphics. Maximise 64-bit performance with Global Performance Cache. Extend your creativity with the 3D camera tracker, text and shape extrusion, photo-realistic light manipulation, superior masking, and innovations such as Roto Brush and Warp Stabiliser.

Adobe After Effects Creative Suite 6

Enhanced--Innovative Compositing and Animation Tools
Create high-impact communications by combining moving imagery, still images and graphics, text and sound in 2D or 3D space, and then animating virtually any aspect of each element.

Responsive 64-Bit Performance
Work effectively on high-resolution projects--even at 32-bit-per-channel color in HD, 2K and 4K compositions. See longer previews using all system RAM. Spend less time waiting and more time creating with smart disk caching.

New--Global Performance Cache
Create more in less time, even in high-resolution projects. This revolution “under the hood” makes After Effects fast and responsive by taking full advantage of the 64-bit power in your computer’s hardware.

Enhanced--Unmatched Integration with Industry-Standard Adobe Applications
Enjoy a streamlined workflow with support for importing Adobe Photoshop images that include layer and vanishing point exchange data, as well as Adobe Illustrator graphics that scale crisply to any resolution.

Enhanced--Unlimited Creative Options
Manipulate moving and still images using hundreds of effects such as the Warp Stabiliser; combine effects to create Hollywood-calibre special effects.

Enhanced--Text and Vector Graphics Creation and Animation
Create text and vector graphics and extrude them into 3D, and then animate these elements to create visually innovative motion graphics.

Comprehensive Masking and Keying Tools
Isolate moving foreground elements from backgrounds fast with the Roto Brush tool. Remove blue-screen and green-screen backgrounds with Academy Award-winning Keylight (included*) from The Foundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Doesn’t Adobe Support 32-Bit Operating Systems Any More?
Adobe realise that performance is critical and, from a technology perspective, know that only 64-bit operating systems can deliver the power video professionals require. By focusing on 64-bit operating systems and native 64-bit support for After Effects, Adobe offer superior performance and large-project stability.

Don’t I Need a Node-Based Compositing Tool for High-End Visual Effects Work?
After Effects already offers the flexibility of node-based tools--often at a fraction of the cost. You can pre-compose elements into their own composition module and use track mattes, stencil and silhouette alpha modes that apply to multiple layers, a vast number of plug-in effects, and a powerful Expressions language to create dynamic relationships between parameters.

Can After Effects Deliver the Performance that Professionals Require?
After Effects offers native 64-bit operating system support for optimal performance and the ability to use all the RAM that your operating system allows. With Global Performance Cache, OpenGL acceleration, RAM and disk caching, and multiprocessor and multicore support--including the ability to render multiple frames in parallel--After Effects can deliver the performance you need.

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Product Specification

System Requirements Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit support required, 4GB of RAM, 14400x900 display
Version CS6
Manufacturer Link Adobe
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