Privacy and Personal Data Policy

This policy explains the types of personal data we (Wex Photo Video) may collect about you when you interact with us. We collect and process data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. We do not disclose data to any third parties unless disclosure is necessary for the fulfilment of a service; you have specifically given consent for a particular service; or we have a legitimate interest in disclosing data. Instances in which we do disclose data to third parties are outlined below.

If you have any questions not answered by this policy, please contact us.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations we rely on the following legal bases for processing your data:

Consent – we will ask your consent for marketing to you via email or post. If you consent we can collect and process your data for this purpose.

Contract – we sometimes need to collect and process your personal data in order to fulfil a contract with you, for example an order. We will also collect and process your data on this basis if you’ve asked us to provide a quote.

Legal – we are obliged to process some personal data to comply with the law. If you place an order with us we must retain some personal data for at least six years to comply with the Sale of Goods Act 1982, Consumer Rights Act of 2015 and HMRC guidance.

Legitimate interests – we collect and process some personal data to pursue our legitimate interests in a way you would reasonably expect as part of running our business. Specifically, we analyse information on our customers and their orders in order to provide new products or services. We also record CCTV images for security in our stores, to protect our customers, colleagues, premises and assets from crime. This is the only legitimate interest we rely on.

Depending on your interaction with us, we may collect and process all or some of the following information.

When you visit our website:

When you order from us on our website or in stores (including trade in)

  • Name
  • Address details
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Gender (eg Mr/Ms)
  • Marketing preferences
  • Order history

When you visit our stores:

  • Your image may be recorded on CCTV

If we have to perform credit checks (for rental agreements or finance applications) or fraud checks

  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Credit history
  • Employment status
  • Copies of ID (Physical or Digital)

The entire checkout process for the Wex Photo Video website is held on a secure server using a verified SSL (secure socket layer) system for transferring data. If you click on the small padlock symbol at the top of your browser's screen, next to the web address, you will be taken to the site's security certificate.

Our company IT infrastructure has been independently audited and certified by Cyber Essentials Plus to verify that we follow good IT security practices. This means your data is kept secure. The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is government-backed and reassessed annually. See their website for more details.

If you have any concerns regarding the security of this site, please contact us.

Sometimes we need to share your personal data with trusted third parties. In these instances, your data will only be used for the exact purpose we specify, will be transferred and stored securely, and will be deleted or rendered anonymous if we stop working with that third party.

Examples of the third parties with whom we share data are:

  • Payment-processing services
  • Delivery couriers and postal services
  • Email marketing service providers
  • Event ticketing services
  • Marketing mailing houses
  • Customer service management systems
  • Companies who show you personalised content on our website and in emails
  • Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Marketing companies who analyse our customer data
  • Product-review companies
  • Manufacturers, if you request quotes for support, or return an item for repair by them we will share your address and purchase details with them
  • Manufacturers or their agents, if you purchase an extended warranty or care product we may share your name and email address with them in order to process your purchase 
  • Camera repair companies or their agents if we arrange a repair on your behalf
  • Survey companies if you follow a link and fill out a questionnaire

Please be assured that we treat all your information according to applicable data protection regulations (including GDPR) and security standards, and will only ever share your information with trusted parties who adhere to the same levels of data protection and security.

We will only keep your data for as long as it’s needed. After that, we’ll either delete it completely or render it anonymous (removing personal data but keeping information such as order amount for business analysis).

If you contact us for a quote and you don’t consent to marketing, we’ll keep your data for a year in case you wish to proceed with the quote.

If you order from us, we’ll keep your data for seven years in order to comply with legal obligations. You can request that some of this is removed sooner – see below.

After seven years we will remove your data unless you have consented to our marketing.

You have the right to:

  • Access your personal data, free of charge
  • Have your personal data rectified if out of date or incorrect
  • Have personal data erased, unless that would conflict with our legal obligations
  • Withdraw consent for us to use personal data, if you have previously given consent
  • Object to us processing your personal data and/or stop us using data for direct marketing

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, you should contact us.

You can opt out of our mailing lists at any time in the following ways:

  • Email marketing - click the the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any marketing email we send or contact us with your request
  • Marketing by post - contact us with your request

Please note, you may continue to receive marketing from us for a short period after opting out.  We will provide you with more detailed processing times should you make such a request.

If you are unhappy with our use of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The ICO’s contact details can be found on the ICO’s website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are minute text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. At Wex Photo Video, we use cookies to keep track of items in your basket, and to remember you when you return to our site. To place an order on this website, you need to have cookies enabled. If you don't wish to enable cookies, you can browse the site but you may not be able to place an order.

Most web browsers have default settings that allow cookies to be stored. However, under the “Managing Your Cookies” section below, we explain how to disable or enable cookies, should you wish to change your settings.

It should be noted that cookies cannot harm your computer. Furthermore, we do not store personally identifiable information such as credit card details in any cookies we create. We use encrypted information gathered from the cookies to help improve your experience of the site. For example, they help us to identify and resolve errors, or determine relevant related products to show you when browsing our site.

We have relationships with carefully selected and monitored suppliers who may also set cookies during your visit to be used for marketing purposes. The principal purpose of such cookies is to show you different products and services based on what you appear to be interested in. If you'd like to opt out from the storing of such cookies, please go to the Network Advertising Initiative website.

If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit aboutcookies.org

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external websites that are linked to from our website.

About the cookies we set

To make full use of the online shopping and personalised features on this website, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies, as we can only provide you with certain personalised features of this website by using them.

The cookies we set do not store sensitive information such as your name, address or payment details; they simply hold an anonymous 'key' that, once you're signed in, is associated with this information. However, if you would prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies from this website, you can use your browser to do so. See the Managing Your Cookies section for help.

Here's a list of the cookies we use, and what we use them for:

1st Party cookies you may see used on this website
Cookie Name Cookie purpose

ASP.NET_SessionId,  X-Wex-Source,  .ASPXRoles, BIGipServer WEXOMX www.wexphotographic.com_HTTPS_Pool,
BIGipServer WEX www.wexphotographic.com_HTTPS_Pool, .ASPXANONYMOUS, ARRAffinity, ARRAffinitySameSite, ai_session, as_user

These cookies allow our web servers to respond to your actions on the website, such as ‘Add to basket’, and enables general browsing of the website.

.EPiServerLogin, _RequestVerificationToken, 
UseSessionId, _msuuid_xxxxxxxxx

Stores the username and token that enable you to choose to be logged in automatically. Without these cookie, you would be required to type in your username and password each time you try to take an action that requires you to be logged in, such as viewing your order history.

tms_VisitorID, tms_wsid, tms_ft, _y2, _yi

This allows us to remind you that you have products in your basket that you have not yet checked out.

_unam, GTMVisitorId, _dc_gtm_UA-976095-6,
_gat_UA-976095-6, _gat_UA-976095-6_gid, _dc_gtm_UA-976095-12, _gat_UA-976095-12, _gat_UA-976095-12_gid, _ga_2G3XW55JWX

These cookies enable Google Analytics to function on our website. This software helps us collate and analyse visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers, response to marketing activity and shopping times. This information helps us to improve the website and your shopping experience, and to make our marketing campaigns more relevant. We may also combine this information with information collected from adverts in other websites – please see the About 3rd Party cookies section below.

attraqtsid, attraqtuid, unbxd.userId, unbxd.visit, unbxd.visitId

These cookies allow us to track your use of our site search and navigation facets.  


We use this cookie to track re-directions from other websites.


Remembers the most recently viewed products you've visited on this website.


Used to determine whether or not you have been informed of our cookie policy. If this cookie is not present, a notice explaining our use of cookies is displayed in the browser.


Microsoft Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) tracking cookie.

lc_ss088009956, lc_window_state, _lc.visitor_id.8809956

 These cookies allow us to use LivePerson Chat and for active chats to work seamlessly over multiple pages


This cookie allows us to run test to improve the performance of the site's user experience and appearance.

About 3rd Party Cookies

When you visit wexphotovideo.com, you may notice some cookies that aren't related to Wex Photo Video. If you go on to a web page that contains embedded content, for example from YouTube, you may be sent cookies from these websites. We cannot control the setting of these cookies, so we suggest you check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

Some of the business partners that may set cookies on this web site include:

3rd Party cookies you may see used on this website

Partner Name

Cookie purpose


Cookies set by Bizrate (Shopzilla) allow us to collect and display product reviews from our customers. To view the Bizrate privacy policy please visit the company’s privacy page here: www.about.bizrate.com/privacy-policy


Sociomantic uses cookies to provide you with personalised adverts when you visit selected other websites. To learn more about these cookies, please see our guide to banner advertising on the next tab.


Conversant uses cookies to provide you with personalised adverts when you visit selected other websites. To learn more about these cookies, please see our guide to banner advertising on the next tab.


In order to provide you with a better service, occasionally we'll ask if you'd like to complete a survey. This cookie's sole purpose is to remember if we've asked you to do so recently, and contains no personal information.

LivePerson, Tidio

This service allows us to offer a live chat service on our website.


Paypal uses cookies to help streamline a purchase on the Wex Photo Video website using the Paypal payment gateway.

Google Doubleclick, Google Adwords, Affiliate Window, Marin, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok

Sometimes we'll advertise on 3rd party websites. These advertisers may place cookies to help us and our advertisers see which advertisements you click on and interact with. Each individual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies.

Google Advertising

We use Google advertising services to place adverts on other websites (including in Google search results and Youtube) using information collected in cookies. We may collect information about whether you’ve seen one of our ads and combine this with information collected on our site to improve our advertising. We may also use information collected on our site to personalise adverts placed on other sites (please see the Personalised advertising on other websites section below). None of the information collected is combined with any personally identifiable information. For more information on Google cookies, visit the company’s website https://policies.google.com/technologies/types, or you can control the information they collect at https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.


Some of our product videos are hosted on Youtube. Youtube may use cookies to gather statistical information about video viewing.

Mention-Me Ltd

Operation of refer-a-friend programme.

Mention-Me process customer email addresses and certain order data for the purposes of:

  • Enrolling customers onto our refer-afriend programme
  • Monitoring the programme and safeguarding against gaming or fraudulent use of the programme
  • Communicating with customers in connection with operation of the programme and delivery of rewards

One of the ways that we identify errors on our website is with logging that can allow us to replay the error happening on the website. As part of this logging we block out all input and also try to block out any other user identifying information.

If you'd prefer to not have your video sessions tracked you can disable it by going to your browser's settings and enabling "Do Not Track". This will ensure that Noibu does not log any tracking data at all.


FullStory is a website analytics and conversion optimization tool that uncovers and prioritizes valuable insights in our customers’ online behavior. You can opt-out of session recording via https://www.fullstory.com/optout/

Managing Your Cookies

If cookies aren't enabled on your computer, it will mean that your shopping experience on our website will be limited to browsing and researching; you may not be able to add products to your basket and buy them.

All recent versions of popular browsers give users a level of control over cookies. Users can set their browsers to accept or reject all, or certain cookies. Users can also set their browser to prompt them each time a cookie is offered. The instructions for changing your cookie settings are different for each type and version of browser.

To disable or change the settings of your cookies

If you are not sure of the type and version of browser you use to access the web:

  • For PCs: click on 'Help' at the top of your browser window and select the 'About' option
  • For Macs: with the browser window open, click on the Apple menu and select the 'About' option

Instructions on how to disable or change the settings of cookies on your type and version of browser are available here: https://www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-control-cookies/

Personalised advertising on other websites (Sociomantic, Conversant & Google)

This type of advertising is designed to show you products and ads based on what you have viewed on this website. These advertisements are presented to you by our partners when you visit other websites, including Google. The adverts may highlight alternative products as well as products deemed relevant to your browsing history. The technology behind these adverts is based on cookies.

Your privacy

Please be assured that the data contained in the cookie used in these adverts is completely anonymous and doesn't contain any of your personal details. For more information on the privacy policy of Sociomantic, the company we use to help us advertise, please visit their website. We also work with Google to place adverts in a similar way on sites, in their search engine and on Youtube – you can see more information about their use of data at https://policies.google.com/technologies/types.

Disabling these adverts

We would like to continue to display content that is relevant to you; however, you can choose to opt out of this type of advertising permanently via https://www.sociomantic.com/privacy/en/ (for Sociomantic), https://www.conversantmedia.com/optout (for Conversant) and updating your setting at https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated (for Google).

Please note that if you also delete your cookies as well as choosing to opt out, we will no longer know that you've opted out, so the banners from Sociomantic, Conversant or Google may reappear when you visit other selected websites.

You may also wish to visit the Your Online Choices website to learn more about the cookies on your device set by other companies, and opt out of them if you wish.