Delkin Sensor Scope & Visible Dust Sensor Loupe


I have just received both units in the post so here is my take. The whole point of these devices is to remove large spots of dust / hairs etc that are a real pain to remove in post processing; often I think that trying to remove every dust spot is a waste of time and can cause more problems than it is worth. The new generation of self cleaning sensors help this too. So how do both kits measure up?


Delkin Sensor ScopeThe Delkin Sensor Scope comes in a big case and is surprisingly heavy. That is due to the battery for the vacuum cleaner! Inside are the afore-mentioned vacuum cleaner + battery, cleaning solution, swabs and the Sensor Scope itself. The Scope has 4 LED's and to switch it on you have to hold the switch which is a bit of a pain. I like the fact that the scope fits onto the camera lens mount (unlike the Visible Dust unit tsk tsk) which makes a fiddly operation less fiddly. The view of the sensor is pretty clear when illuminated but the view does not show the whole sensor but a slightly magnified view, so you have to move your eye around slightly to see the edges. I did not test the vacuum cleaner as I am not letting that near to my sensor, same for the fluids and swabs. I should say that I have the same attitude to all cleaning products and prefer gentle cleaning like the Arctic Butterfly. So there you have the Delkin.

Visible Dust Sensor LoupeThe Visible Dust Sensor Loupe is a much smaller affair, coming in a simple case with a cloth and a strap. The unit does NOT fit snugly onto the front of the camera which is a bit of a pain (surely this was an oversight?) but makes up for it by having 6 LEDs and therefore a brighter image of the sensor. The LEDs are switched on via a slider as Darren points out and they stay on until the switch is turned off. Good news. Looking through the Loupe the view is more wide angle than the Delkin Scope and I could easily see the edges of the sensor and the chamber surrounding it. Remember all we want to do is to see the big bits of muck.

So what would I choose? Well the Delkin is good value for money as it supplies a lot of stuff but I already have the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly that travels with me everywhere so the Visible Dust Loupe gets the vote. My one gripe is the lack of fit to the camera mount but I can tolerate that for the extra brightness and portability.


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