Dome Hides

WWS Dome Hide
WWS Dome Hide WWS Dome Hide WWS Dome Hide

I am not the biggest fan of hides, preferring to stalk animals rather than sit in a small confined space for hours on end. Unfortunately there are a lot of animals that are very shy and to get close enough to them requires a degree of concealment. The WWS Dome hide is the one I use, I have 2 in Real Tree camouflage for general UK work and a snow tundra one for arctic silliness. These dome hides are small enough to be carried around with your gear and can be erected within minutes should the need arise. The Real Tree pattern provides all the camouflage that you need for even the most elusive of species, I generally use them when working with my Barn Owls or Hares. I have used them as far afield as Brazil, setting up next to a popular perch for an Amazon Kingfisher. The major problem wasn’t the kingfisher but the likelihood of a snake crawling inside to take refuge overnight! One big tip, when you get in the hide for the first time stay rock still for 5 minutes before putting the lens through the front slit – you never know who is watching.