Sony FS5/7 Masterclass at Pinewood Studios



Join seasoned cinematographer Alister Chapman and colourist Pablo Garcia at Pinewood Studios for an information-packed day of insight, hints, tips and shooting advice for anyone wanting to get the very best from their large sensor video cameras such as the Sony FS5, FS7, A7SII, and more.

Learn how to adjust the cameras picture settings to optimise the camera for different types of projects and different lighting conditions.

Find out more about gamma curves, colour settings and S-Log. Get ahead of the curve and learn how to shoot great HDR (high Dynamic Range) footage that helps create a viewing experience beyond the limitations of traditional SDR TV (Standard Dynamic Range TV).

Alister and Pablo are both excellent teachers and these workshops are always highly informative.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the way your camera works which should allow you to improve the quality of the images you capture.


10am-1pm: Hear from cinematographer, producer, and editor Alister Chapman.

  • Large Sensor cameras and the “film look”.
  • Gamma and Colour Settings: How to adjust the camera to suit the scene or project.
  • Cinegamma, Hypergamma, Log and Raw: What’s the difference, which to use and when. How to expose each different type of gamma.
  • HDR: What is HDR, how to shoot HDR content and Instant HDR explained.
  • Post Production Primer. An introduction to grading and colour management.


2pm-5pm: Hear from colourist Pablo Garcia: Post-Workflows and Colour Correction

  • What is S-log and how to use it
  • Look up tables (LUT’s)
  • Useful tips and tricks in exposing material from a colour correction perspective.
  • Basic grading examples
  • Basic DIT workflow


This day is ideal for individuals fairly new to the video industry, who have either just purchased an FS5/7 or thinking about making a purchase, but also useful for those already submerged in videography. There will be demo products on the day, but feel free to bring along your camera if you so wish.



Sony FS5/7 Masterclass at Pinewood Studios

Event: Sony FS5/7 Masterclass at Pinewood Studios
Date: Monday 25th September, 10am-5pm
Price: FREE, limited spaces available. 
Location: Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath. SL0 0NH.



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