Take on anything: the Peli 1510 Carry-On Case

It's immensely comforting to know that when you have thousands of pounds worth of photographic equipment, camera bodies, a range of lenses, light meters, filters, that this can have maximum protection when inside one of these cases.
Peli, a Californian company, born in a garage in 1976, have been making high quality, maximum protection cases for an array of expensive equipment for many years. Their motto "you break it, we replace it forever" should tell you all you need to know about the robust nature of their products.

The cases are moulded from a polypropylene co-polymer which makes them incredibly strong. Intelligent design features such as 'fins' that protect the latches on the case from knocks and damage or the pressure equalization valve which maintains an equal pressure between the interior and exterior of the case, useful if flying with your kit, mean that the Peli cases are not just great big lumps of tough plastic.

I have used a Peli 1650 case for some years. It holds everything I need for a complicated shoot; my medium format camera and lenses, SLR cameras and assorted lenses, light meter, an expensive lee filter system, compass, torch, screwdrivers, gaffer tape, a small level and many other 'goodies' that are essentials for me. But I have to say, that 'loaded-up' it weighs a ton. I know it's as safe as houses, but I wouldn't want to walk any distance with it.

But now with the digital era, I have to carry less kit around with me anyway and so I was pleased to try out the new Peli 1510 carry-on case on a recent trip to Ireland. The case is the maximum size allowed as hand baggage by most international airlines giving you the re-assurance that you have an eye on your kit at all times. Plus it means that if you're in a bit of a hurry when you arrive wherever it is you are going to, you can make a quick get-away! The Peli 1510 comes with a set of 'wheels' meaning that if you have any distance to walk you can just pull it along behind you using the long retractable handle.

As with all Peli cases, the 1510 is watertight, airtight, dustproof and crushproof (within reason, on the last). It can stand a temperature range of between –23.3 to +98.9 degrees C, should cover most situations!! I am frequently in environments where total protection from rain or dust is a top priority. When I travelled the Yangtze River in China to it's source on the Tibetan Plateau, I could have snow, rain and dust storms in one day quite easily and so it was good to know that my equipment was thoroughly well taken care of. The case is kept watertight with a recessed 'o-ring' made of neoprene which provides the necessary safe seal to keep all the 'nasties' out.

The Peli case was invented by Dave Parker, an avid diver, so this concern with water makes perfect sense! On the inside of the case you can have either padded dividers or a four-piece foam set that you can shape to your own requirements. As with other dividers, you can adjust them via their velcro strips to suit, but you can easily carry 4 DSLR bodies and an array of lenses and all your other 'bits and bobs'. If like me, you have lots of bits and bobs that you carry, some of which I've mentioned above, then there is a useful 'lid organiser' accessory that can be added to the case. It attaches via velcro to the case lid and provides various pockets and pouches that help make sense of this stuff.

I'm the sort of person who needs order when I'm shooting, especially if I have someone working with me, so to be well organised makes my life that much easier. The compact nature of the Peli 1510 carry-on case, combined with its capacity and traditional design and build quality make it a great choice for any photographer who is serious about looking after their expensive kit.

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