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The best monopods can be a lifesaver for photographers in certain situations. Less cumbersome than a tripod, a good monopod can be just the steadying support you need to bag a sharp shot. Just like it sounds, a monopod consists of a single leg (compared to a tripod’s three), and it is used as a portable, steadying support for a handheld camera, banishing image blur caused by camera shake.

Here, we’ve picked out a range of monopods for different uses and budgets. Whether you’re shooting photos, videos or a little of both, you should be able to find a brilliant monopod on this list that’ll suit you down to the ground. We’ve listed what we reckon are the strengths and weaknesses of each one, as well as their key features.

For more lightweight support options, check out our guide to the best travel tripods. For now though, let’s count off the best monopods to buy right now.

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Our top picks

Manfrotto XPRO Photo Aluminium 4 Section Monopod

£89.00 View


  • Generous payload capacity
  • Quick to set up and pack down
  • Stows to packable size


  • Aluminium, not carbon fibre

Designed to support setups with heavy lenses up to 8kg in weight, this aluminium monopod also uses a Quick Power Lock System to ensure fast setup. With its rubber leg warmer design that allows for fast and secure movement, this monopod is very much designed to recall the quality of Manfrotto's 055 and 190 tripod series.

Closing down to a length of 56cm, the XPRO monopod is eminently portable — ideal for travel, it can easily be stowed in hand luggage or secured to a backpack. Also, if you register the monopod with Manfrotto, it’ll be eligible for a Limited Conventional Warranty Extension of 8 years — giving you effectively 10 years’ warranty from date of purchase.

Gitzo GM4562 Series 4 6S Carbon Monopod

£319.00 View


  • Huge payload capacity
  • Lightweight carbon fibre frame
  • Six-section leg


  • More expensive than rivals

Once you’re willing to spend a little more cash, the capacities start to really climb – Gitzo's Carbon Monopod Series 4 6S is able to handle a whopping 30kg of camera gear. Its carbon fibre build means it doesn’t require a significant weight increase, as the unit weighs in at just 0.67kg. Also on board are six leg sections and a large foot that provides optimal stability. Whatever you’re shooting, this monopod is guaranteed not to let you down.

Benbo Trekker Monopod

£36.95 View


  • Flexible tilting mount
  • Rigid and stable
  • Generous maximum height


  • Doesn’t pack down as small as other monopods

The Benbo Trekker uses a 180° tilting camera mount, making it extra versatile and allowing for the creation of unique imaging perspectives, as well as making it easy for the camera to be used in landscape or portrait modes. It’s a two-section monopod, which means that it’s impressively rigid when extended, and it can go to a maximum of 160cm in height, so you’ve got plenty of distance to play with. 

It doesn’t pack down as compact as other monopods, but that impressive rigidity and versatile mount makes for an excellent monopod in most areas, especially for this price.

Calumet CK7205 4-Section Aluminium Monopod

£26.00 View


  • Affordable price tag
  • Packs down to 48cm
  • Useful spirit level


  • Fewer sections than some rivals
  • And less maximum height

Calumet’s impressive 4-Section Aluminium monopod supports an impressive 16kg of kit and sports a foam wrap and wrist strap to make carrying it easy, secure and comfortable. Weighing just 500g and packing down to 48cm, it’s perfect for travel, and the maximum height of 153cm is no slouch either. There’s also a handy spirit level on the mount, so you can check your shots are straight, and its rubber foot is removable, so you can be sure you’ve always got the right grip on whatever surface you encounter.

MeFOTO Walkabout S Monopod - Blue

£49.00 View


  • Cheap!
  • Satisfying twist locks
  • Comfortable silicone hand grip


  • Aluminium, not carbon fibre

A stable and rugged monopod designed for travel and adventure, the MeFOTO Walkabout S Monopod sports anodised twist locks with deep ridges for a solid grip. This speeds up setup and pack down, helping you to be sure that you’ll never miss a moment while out shooting. There’s also a wrist strap and a comfortable hand grip, and the MeFOTO S WalkAbout Monopod can extend to 151cm in height, giving you more shooting options. It’s also available in a variety of colours, so shop around to find the one that you like best.

Manfrotto XPRO Video 4 Section Aluminium Monopod with Fluid Head and Base

£186.00 View


  • Fluid video head included
  • Fast to set up, with quick power-lock
  • Decent payload capacity


  • Still 78cm when folded

This 4-section monopod from Manfrotto is specifically designed for videographers, though photographers have no reason not to give it a look as well. Constructed of aluminium, it has a maximum height of more than 2m and is extremely sturdy on its three retractable feet. It'll support up to 8kg of camera kit, which should be fine for all vlogging setups and a lot of more serious video gear. 

Having the dedicated video head is what separates this monopod from the rest. With a fluidtech base that ensures smooth movement in all directions, this is an excellent support base for getting quick but smooth panning shots. It’s still fairly bulky when it folds down, at 78cm in length, so bear that in mind if you’re travelling with it.

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What is a monopod and how is it different from a tripod?

A monopod is a single-legged support used to stabilise cameras, binoculars and scopes etc. Unlike a tripod, which has three legs and offers more stability but is bulkier and slower to set up, a monopod is lighter, more portable, and quicker to deploy. 

What are the benefits of using a monopod?

Monopods offer several advantages over tripods or simply shooting handheld, including increased stability and reduced camera shake. They are also more portable due to their lightweight and compact design and can be set up quickly, making them ideal for fast-paced environments. 

Can I use a monopod for video recording?

Yes, monopods can be very useful for video recording. They provide a balance between stability and mobility, allowing smooth panning and tilting movements. 

What should I look for when buying a monopod?

When choosing a monopod, just like a tripod, you should think about the materials. Carbon fibre monopods are lighter and more durable; it’s often what people want the caveat is that they’re generally more expensive. Aluminium monopods are cheaper but heavier. You should also think about maximum height and payload to suit you and your camera setup. Other considerations are deciding between flip locks or twist locks for the leg locks based on your preference for speed and ease of use.

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