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Brilliant are making some of the best photo paper out there for inkjet printers right now – here’s our guide on how to buy the right photo paper for you!


Brilliant Papers


Digital photos may be all the rage, but in terms of longevity, nothing beats a physical print on the best photo paper for printing. Properly produced and cared for, a printed photograph can last for more than a hundred years, making it an invaluable way to secure your memories for the future.

However, if you’re not accustomed to printing at home, it can feel a little daunting to start with. Which printer you choose and which paper you print on will have a clear effect on the appearance and quality of your final print – so it pays to choose carefully. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favourite photo printers on the market right now – head here for our look at the best printers for printing at home, which includes a selection covering all different budgets.

But that’s only half the equation – what paper should you choose for printing at home? We’d like to talk about the stock from one of our favourite manufacturers – the appropriately named Brilliant, who make a fantastic selection of papers for inkjet printers. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to printer paper, you can’t go wrong with the Brilliant catalogue!

Let’s take a deeper dive into the selection and find the right Brilliant photo paper for your inkjet printer...



Brilliant Supreme paper


Brilliant’s papers are divided into two overarching categories – Brilliant Supreme and Brilliant Museum. The Brilliant Museum papers are pitched towards fine-art photographers who want the best of the best – we’ll drill into those a little closer in a moment, but first let’s take a look at Brilliant Supreme.

Brilliant Supreme papers are bright white, and feature special microporous coatings that are specifically designed to prevent bleeding (colours running into each other, degrading the quality of the final print) and over-laydown of inks and dyes. This coating also allows the image to be instantly handled the moment it comes off the printer. This is a useful feature if you’re an events photographer looking to produce quick prints to distribute to guests and clients.

Brilliant Supreme papers are available in three varieties: glossy, lustre and double-sided matte. Let’s take a quick look at what these terms mean:


- Glossy: This is the most widely used paper finish, and probably the one you’re most used to seeing. Glossy paper is coated with a shine that allows for prints of impressively high quality, with even the smallest details discernable (though they are susceptible to glare).

- Lustre: A more professional, textured finish, lustre is quite unique, providing a professional look to images without too much gloss. Your images will have vivid colours and smooth tonality, though it tends to be more expensive.

- Double-sided matte: Matte paper, as the name implies, doesn’t have the sheen of glossier options, but it tends to be more affordable and is a good choice if you’re planning on making a lot of prints.


Brilliant Supreme Ultimate Glossy Inkjet Paper A4 - 50 sheets

£18.00 View

Brilliant Supreme Lustre Paper A4 x 50 Sheets BP0520

£24.99 View

Brilliant Supreme Double Sided Matte A4 x 50 sheets

£15.00 View


Brilliant’s Supreme papers are available in both rolls and sheets in a variety of sizes, so whatever your printing workflow, there should be a product to accommodate it. You can also head to the Brilliant website to download the specific ICC profile for your printer – it’s worth checking if your model is on the list.


Brilliant Supreme Glossy Paper Ultimate 44inch x 100 foot Roll

£195.00 View

Brilliant Supreme Inkjet Paper Matte 44inch x 100ft Roll

£75.00 View

Brilliant Supreme Lustre 44inch Ultimate 1118mmx25m

£180.00 View


You can browse the full selection of Brilliant Supreme papers available at Wex here.



Brilliant Museum paper


If you want your prints to look as good as they possibly can, then Brilliant Museum is the paper for you. Specially engineered for fine-art photographers demanding the utmost in quality, Brilliant Museum paper, thickness 300gsm, comes in a choice of base tones – White and Natural. The White paper has been optically brightened a little to give prints a little extra punch, while Natural is a non-brightened paper that has been optimised not to produce the dull yellow look that can plague non-brightened paper.

The Museum paper is also available in two different substrates, SilverGloss and Satin Matte. Let’s take a closer look at what these mean:


- SilverGloss: Brilliant’s SilverGloss papers, a glossy style, are alpha-cellulose papers that have been specifically designed to emulate the kind of classic glossy fibre-based silver-halide papers that have been used in black-and-white printing for an age.

- SatinMatte: These papers are, as the name implies, more of a matte finish, and are constructed from a 100% cotton rag substrate media designed to produce a surface that is matte but not flat or lifeless, as some cheaper papers can be.


Brilliant Museum Inkjet Paper - SilverGloss White A2 25 sheets - 300gsm

£75.00 View

Brilliant Museum Inkjet Paper - Satin Matte White A3+ 25 Sheets

£55.00 View


Once again, it's worth checking on the Brilliant website if you can find the Brilliant Museum profile for your specific model of printer.


Brilliant Museum Inkjet Paper - Satin Matte White111.8cmx12m (roll)

£135.00 View

Brilliant Museum Inkjet Paper - SilverGloss Natural 1118mm x 12m (1 roll) - 300gsm

£159.00 View


You can browse the full range of Brilliant Museum papers available at Wex here.


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