Arundel - Andy Rouse seminar success!

Phew, what a busy few weeks it has been for everyone here at Wex Photographic; we've had seminars coming out of our ears! Last Sunday Andy Rouse took the Visions of Light seminar to the Arundel Wildlife and Wetland Trust for another of his lively and informative all-day seminars. Yet again the tickets for this event had sold out in a matter of hours, so it was a bustling and boisterous crowd that filled the lecture theatre, with many a laugh and a giggle to be heard throughout the day, as well as many "ooh" and "ahh" noises at Andy's wonderful photographs.

Unlike at Slimbridge, where the weather was grim for the majority of the day, the Arundel seminar attendees were treated to a struggling but ultimately victorious sun that shone determinedly on them as they scoured the park for composition opportunities.

"If you can see the shot, you are halfway there." - Andy Rouse

Our very own Damien and Paul were there on the day too, with a few examples of products that Andy recommends. In the seminar breaks they were inundated with friendly and enthusiatic Wex customers wanting to chat about our products and services and have a look at some of the gear, like the Kata HB-205 Hikers Backpack, the Gitzo GT3541LS Tripod and of course the WexPro CF cards.

Visions of Light Photo Competition

After lunch it was time for the much anticipated results of the Visions of Light - Arundel photo competition! Keep reading to see the seven shots that Andy selected as worth a mention, including the two that took joint first place!

First for a mention was this psychadelic creation by Rob Barron - well done Rob!

Next in line was Les Loverock's bright and airy landscape of the South Downs - well done Les!

This tranquil and stunning shot of the River Arun by Adrian Barrett was highly commended by Andy - well done Adrian!

Next to receive praise was Philip Petrou's photograph of this beautiful lion with it's mane blowing in the wind. A great example of someone "seeing the shot" said Andy. Well done Philip!

Dave Powell's great shot of these four planes at Dunsfold Wings and Wheels was also highly praised - well done Dave!

Next to be announced was runner up and first place. In second place was Helen Brierley's striking shot of two children in a shaft of light - truly stunning! Well done Helen!

In first place, was Beverley Barker's gorgeous image of light filtering through the trees in her local wood. Well done Bev!

Unfortunately Bev wasn't able to make it on the day and hear the big cheer that her lovely photo received. Trust us Bev, it was a roar!

In her absence, Andy deemed Helen's second place shot worthy of the prize, and Bev and Helen have now been declared joint winners, both receiving a £100 Wex Photographic voucher for their tremendous efforts. Well done to you both!

Workflow and Software

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to Workflow, and at the end of the day many of the attendees asked if they could have a list of some of the software that Andy uses, so here it is in his own words:

  • Photo Mechanic from - a really great browser, visual launcher and IPTC (captions/keywords) that I use as my central point of control
  • Adobe Photoshop from Wex Photographic! I use the Camera Raw converter for my RAW files, which is supplied with Photoshop
  • Velvia Vision - the best Photoshop plug-in the world in my opinion, get it from
  • Photomatix - this is one that I did not demonstrate, but it is great for landscapes. Check out
  • Microsoft Expression Media as a visual catalogue for my agency business

And then, after all the excitement, it was suddenly 4.30pm and the seminar was over. What a great day! Tired but happy, everyone made it back to their cars for the drive home, just in time for the rain to start.

The day was another fantastic success - as you can see from the great comments we've had in response!

"We both thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and thought it was great value for money - even though i succumbed to buying yet another book! Thanks for organising a great seminar and we look forward to more in that vein." - Paul Barrow

"Thank you all very much for organising the Arundel Andy Rouse photography seminar, we had a brilliant day." - Carolyn & Huw Lewis

"So lovely to hear an honest and up front account of photography. It is great that Andy is in this business for his love of wildlife before all else; fantastic to be able to travel the world doing what you love! What an entertaining day!" - Les Loverock

Finally, a few words from Andy:

"I just want to say thanks for making it such an entertaining day for me as well. It inspires me that you all seemed really pleased with what you learnt and the way that I presented it. During these seminars I try to be relaxed and present the information to you in a no nonsense, straight forward style, so that it is easy to understand and remember. The software that I used during the Workflow sessions are simply what I use and suit my workflow, but there may be other pieces of software which suit you better, so experiment a litte and work out what is the best for you. If demand is enough then I will run a seminar dedicated to Workflow with a lot more processing and editing tips, so watch this space for details...

Finally, I would like to encourage you all to get out with your cameras this weekend as the forecast is good, and start getting those moody images, or try a bi of my slow motion stuff. Remember to watch your shutter speeds, keep your autofocus exact and just remember what i told you about your histograms. Most of all just remember that photography is a fun hobby and do it always with a smile on your face! See you next time."

If you attended the Visions of Light seminar at Arundel on 16th November 2008, thank you so much for coming, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Please let us know what you thought by commenting on this article.