Nikon D3000 Digital SLR

The new Nikon D3000 digital SLR is a petite take-me-everywhere camera with a bold tagline: “The DSLR made simple”. The D3000 looks like a D60 replacement; it combines features from its older D5000 sibling with exceptional value for money which made the D60 a success.

Update 26/10/2009: Read our Nikon D3000 Review!

The new Nikon D3000 entry-level digital SLRThe new Nikon D3000 entry-level digital SLR

Nikon D3000 Specifications

  • 10.2 megapixel DX CCD sensor
  • 11-point autofocus system (with 3D tracking)
  • 3.0 inch LCD monitor with 230k pixel resolution
  • 3fps continuous shooting

The D3000 has all the essential features a novice photographer could need, without breaking the bank. The 10.2 megapixel resolution is more than adequate for A3+ prints when combined with a reasonable lens and careful processing. The 11-point autofocus, also found in the D5000, is quite an upgrade from the 3-point autofocus found in the D60. Autofocus is only available with AF-S lenses since the D3000 lacks an internal autofocus motor.

D3000 v D5000

The key differences between the D3000 and its older sibling are the two extra megapixels, one extra frame per second in continuous bursts, articulated vari-angle screen, and 720p HD video mode on the D5000.

D3000 Nikon Camera

D3000: The DSLR Made Simple

How exactly does the Nikon D3000 make DSLR photography simple? Answers on a postcard to PO Box... we’ll tell you:

Guide Mode

The D3000 features a Guide mode with interactive menus to assist you in adjusting camera settings. Even using a more advanced mode such as aperture priority you can rely on intuitive menus with thumbnail images representing what each value is suited to – we found this particularly noteworthy during our D5000 review.

Nikon D3000 guide mode menusNikon D3000 guide mode menus

Active D-Lighting

Ever taken a photo and been caught out with blown highlights or shadows? Active D-Lighting addresses this by adjusting contrast & adding fill light to preserve vital details and produce an optimal exposure. Perfect!

Auto-area & 3D Tracking Autofocus

For novice digital SLR users the thought of adjusting autofocus points isn’t synonymous with carefree creative photography. The D3000 addresses the issue with the option of auto-area and 3D tracking autofocus which recognise important subjects in the frame.

In Camera Editing

After taking a photo the D3000 offers in-camera retouching to make basic adjustments. This is great for reducing time spent in front of a computer and makes direct printing more useful after a quick edit.

We can't wait to take a look at Nikon's new baby DSLR!

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