DJI announces the new Mini 2

If you’re looking to enter the world of drones then this latest release from DJI might be the one for you

DJI announces the new Mini 2


Small and powerful, DJI’s Mini 2 new drone offers a long battery life, intelligent modes, 4K video and all in a tiny body. In fact it weighs in at just 249g and fits in the palm of your hand, so can easily taken with you wherever you go.

The Mini 2 has a maximum battery life of a whopping 31 minutes, which is pretty impressive amount of time for such a small body. The drone is hardy too, being able to fly in up to level 5 winds - although with such a small drone I think I would still be pretty careful. Remember, you always need to check the speed of gusts, not just constant wind movement when flying drones. 

If you have your PFCO and special permissions the Mini 2 can support HD video transmission for use with OcuSync up to 10Km away. This means for businesses such as large agricultural premises, woodland management, search and rescue etc, you are able to carry a powerful tool to be able to monitor remotely without needing a huge drone.

The 4K camera is mounted on a 3-axis motorised gimbal for steady shots. It can shoot 12MP stills and video at 4K 30P. You do have the option to shoot with a 4x digital zoom internally, or you can of course just crop in post.

Built in are many QuickShots such as Helix and Rocket, which move the drone for you on a pre-planned path. There is also an Enhanced Photo mode as well as Fly Spots – which allows you to pre plan your itinerary in advance on your app.