Sony FS5 vs FS5 II Sample Footage | Side-by-Side Comparison Video

Kriss Hampton pits the new Sony FS5 II against its predecessor the FS5 to highlight the formers' freshly tweaked colour science



Kriss Hampton pits the new Sony FS5 II against its predecessor the FS5 to highlight the former’s freshly tweaked colour science. All shots in this video have come straight from the cameras, both with the same settings and absolutely no adjustments in post (other than being scaled down to sit side-by-side on-screen). What do you think of the new look?

The original Sony FS5 became a stalwart amongst professional filmmakers thanks to its advanced features, high frame rates, and an appealing price tag. The FS5 Mark II retains much of what made the original so popular, while also adding 2K/4K RAW outputs and higher frame rates(without the need for expensive firmware upgrades), and Instant HDR workflow.


Key Features:

  • Improved colour science: With its new colour science, Sony has improved the skin tones that users are able to capture out of camera, while also adding an Instant HDR workflow.
  • No more expensive firmware upgrades for RAW and high frame rate shooting: The 'base' firmware allows users to record 4K RAW up to 120fps (in four-second bursts), continuous 240fps in 2K RAW, or continuous 4K 60fps to an external recorder. Internally the FS5 II offers 4K internal recording, Full HD 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 240fps with an eight-second cache, plus continuous recording up to 120fps in Full HD Instant HDR
  • Workflow: The new HLG/BT.2020 mode streamlines user's HDR post-production workflow by reducing the time spent grading. Footage shot in S-Log 2/3 lets you refine an HDR image using standard grading tools.
  • Improved picture profiles: The FS5 II offers 10 different present picture profiles for easy switching between different colour and gamma settings.



About the Author

Kristian Hampton is a Wex Photo Video’s former Technical Editor for Pro Video. He is a video specialist who has worked in corporate studios for companies such as Vodafone Group and PwC, as well as working as a freelance grip on various TV productions and features. He also runs Krade Media, providing enterprises with production services. Follow Kristian on Twitter @KrissHampton