Four Father’s Day Photo Projects


There’s no bond quite like that of a father and child! And on the 18th of June, we all get a chance to say thank you!  In this article, Matty Graham shares four fun and easy projects you can try for Father’s Day with the most minimal of equipment… 

For photographers, this occasion offers a unique opportunity to create sentimental pictures that come straight from the heart. These photos can look great and also serve as the perfect present. We’ve put together four excellent projects for you to try. These can be done quickly and don’t require expensive equipment or technical expertise. Let’s get started...

Layer a portrait

Four Father’s Day Photo Projects

Use Photoshop to create more creative Father’s Day photos by combining simple photography with a little image editing. The goal is to show profiles of both the father and child in one frame.

  • Setup: Use a dark background (a black sheet works). Position subjects in front of the background, facing a light source.
  • Camera Settings:
    • Mode: Aperture Priority
    • Exposure Compensation: Negative, to darken the background.
  • Process:
    • Take profile shots of each subject.
    • Load images into Photoshop.
    • Copy and paste the child’s image onto the dad’s image.
    • Change the Blending Mode to Lighten to layer the portraits.


Play with scale

Four Father’s Day Photo Projects

Show the juxtaposition between father and child by illustrating the difference in scale. Use various subjects and props, such as a dad’s shoes next to the child’s, large hands versus small, or adult versus child cutlery.

  • Setup: Find a distraction-free area with good natural light, like a hallway.
  • Camera Settings:
    • Mode: Aperture Priority (A or Av)
    • Aperture: f3.5 for a shallow depth of field.
  • Tip: This keeps the subject sharp while blurring the background to minimise distractions.

Shoot a silhouette

Four Father’s Day Photo Projects

Silhouettes work well with easily identifiable subjects, making a father and child setup perfect. This technique focuses on the form, shape, and pose rather than the colours or facial expressions. Ideas include the father and child holding hands or the dad lifting the child into the air.

  • Best Time: Dawn or dusk, when the sun is low.
  • Setup: Place the subject between the lens and the sun, then expose for detail in the sky to transform subjects into silhouettes.
  • Camera Settings:
    • Mode: Manual (M)
    • Aperture: f8
    • ISO: 100
    • Shutter Speed: Start at 1/320 sec, adjust as needed.
  • Tip: Watch for lens flare. Use a hood if the flare is distracting.

Spell out a still-life

Four Father’s Day Photo Projects

If you don’t have subjects available, get creative with objects that have personal significance to your father. Spell out "Dad" using items like tools from the shed.

  • Setup: Arrange items to form the letters "D-a-d".
  • Camera Position: Aerial view. Use a tripod with a flip-out centre column or hand-hold the camera, keeping the lens parallel to the ground.
  • Tip: Ensure all lines are level to maintain a clean composition.
  • Finish: Print out the image and make it into a card. This unique gift will be a welcome change from traditional presents

Enjoy these creative photography projects and make Father’s Day truly special by capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's through heartfelt portraits, candid moments, or artistic compositions, let your photos reflect the unique bond you share with your dad.