Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR

The first of the major launches of Photokina 2008, Canon took the plunge on 26th August with the latest in the EOS line up, the 50D. Sitting slightly above the Canon EOS 40D in Canon’s range of digital SLR’s, the Canon EOS 50D came as a surprise to some, who having heard the rumours, were expecting a follow up to the Canon EOS 5D.

Far from being a disappointment however, the Canon EOS 50D is aimed at both professional and serious amateur photographers, and offers up a host of impressive features. Not least of which is its 15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with new technology that delivers larger micro-lenses over each pixel. The technology reduces noise and expands sensitivity throughout the ISO range – guaranteeing beautiful, clear images of exceedingly high quality and clarity, whatever size you intend to print them at.

The Canon EOS 50D is capable of shooting at 6.5 frames per second and can maintain this for up to 90 consecutive JPEGs and 16 consecutive RAW images. With this level of frames per second possible, the Canon EOS 50D is the ideal choice for photographers of sporting events, of wildlife and of all kinds of action sequences.

Not to be outdone by its older brother, the 40D, the Canon EOS 50D also features Live View functionality, enabling you to accurately compose and frame your shots on the 3” LCD screen. The dedicated Live View function displays images in real time on the LCD, and offers three types of Autofocus: Quick AF, Live AF and a new feature for the Canon 50D, Face Detection Live AF, which focuses on faces within the frame and adjusts the settings accordingly.

The Canon EOS 50D is compatible with all Canon EF lenses, as well as with the range of Canon EF-S lenses. The EF-S range has been designed specifically for use with Canon’s DSLR’s, including the Canon EOS 50D digital SLR with APS-C sized image sensors, giving you a wider choice of tools with which to create superb quality images. The Canon EOS 50D has a focal length conversion factor of 1.6 when compared to full frame image sensors or 35mm film.

Boasting a wide viewing angle, high brightness level and wide colour gamut on its 3” LCD, your compositions and images appear bright and well-defined. The LCD also clearly displays Canon’s ever-intuitive user interface, enabling you to comfortably select the options you want and thus take better photographs than ever before.

Another new feature is the DIGIC 4 Processor, a welcome addition that brings with it an almost instant start-up time and ultra-quick response time. Working in synch with Canon’s CMOS sensor, the latest generation of Canon’s image processing engine, DIGIC 4, delivers 14-bit image processing, ensuring that the EOS 50D captures fine detail and natural tones, all the time maintaining fast signal processing, high speed performance and energy efficient action.

All these features are neatly packed into the Canon EOS 50D’s smart magnesium alloy body. As a result, the digital SLR not only looks good, but is durable and has been designed to happily withstand all the pressures that a variety of shooting situations may put it under. The sturdy exterior serves as a barrier to dust and the elements, offering particularly good protection around the Canon EOS 50D digital SLR’s connection ports, battery compartment and memory card door.

All in all the Canon EOS 50D packs a considerable punch on the DSLR market. You can find a full feature list and further information on the Wex Photographic Canon EOS 50D page.