Lee Filters unveils the 15-stop Super Stopper

Turn a 2-sec exposure into 17 hours? It’s possible with Lee’s strongest ND filter yet


Lee Filters unveils the 15-stop Super Stopper


The Super Stopper surpasses Lee’s famous Big Stopper as the strongest ND filter in the firm’s range, offering a whopping 15 stops of light reduction, compared to the Big Stopper’s 10.

It also joins the Little Stopper in the family, which is able to stop six stops of light.

The Super Stopper’s unprecedented light-stopping potential makes it possible for photographers to shoot longer exposures than ever before in the middle of the day, expanding opportunities for landscapes in particular.

The exposure chart below demonstrates how a normal exposure compares to an exposure taken on a camera with the Super Stopper stuck on the front:


Lee Filters unveils the 15-stop Super Stopper


Extreme long exposures allow for creation of a variety of different effects, including the smoothing of water as in the image at the top of this page. They also allow for moving objects to be removed from scenes, which is useful if you’re trying to get a shot of a well-known tourist spot and it’s overrun with, well, tourists. Other fun long exposure tricks include traffic trails, light painting and astrophotography.

The press release for the Super Stopper assures that it is made via the same sophisticated construction as its fellow in the Lee stable, with high-quality optical glass and a metal case for protection. It features a filter factor of 32,000 and a density of 4.5.

It will be available for the 100mm, Seven5, and SW150 lines from Lee Filters.


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