The Beginner's Guide to Motorsport Photography


Mike heads to Snetterton race circuit with Amanda Leeming to capture the high-octane action of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship



Learn how to capture tack-sharp panning images and freeze the action on tight hairpin corners. 


Fast speeds and colourful liveries make racing bikes and cars some of the most exciting subjects you can capture. Unlike many sporting events, you’re able to bring along your photography kit to most race circuits making it possible to take professional-looking photographs from the crowd.

All you need is a camera with manual control – be it a DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera – and a long lens, preferably a telephoto or super telephoto lens (the focal length required will depend on the track you visit). During this video, you’ll find out how to perfect the panning technique to achieve tack-sharp subjects surrounded by smooth, attractive lines of motion blur. And, you’ll learn how to freeze the riders as they get their knee down to navigate those tight hairpin bends.

To see more of Amanda Leeming's inspiring work, visit her Twitter and Instagram. 

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About the Author

Mike Harris is Wex Photo Video’s production editor and is an experienced journalist with a passion for motorsport photography. You can view his portfolio via @MDHarrisPhoto on Instagram.


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