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Bowens LPL1-50 LED Panel

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The Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1 is a high-powered and professional constant LED lighting source. The powerful 702-strong, 24x24cm LED panel features an adjustable colour temperature range from 2700-7500 Kelvin and a CRI score of 97 and TLCI 97. This is complemented by a 1-100% dimmable light output range, all of which allows you to have complete creative control of the lighting in your scene. In addition, you have further control of your light fall thanks to the included diffusion filter and integrated barn doors. The light has a built-in tilting joint which will allow you to mount the light onto a tripod or lighting stand, and once there, you can remotely control the LED with the included RM-1 remote control.

Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1 Key Features:

  • A powerful 702-strong, 24x24cm LED panel
  • Colour Rendering Index score of CRI> 97, TLCI> 97
  • Dimmable light output from 1-100%
  • Provides a max LUX of 4500 at a 1m distance
  • Offers 16 channels and 10 groups for complete control
  • An adjustable 2700 - 7500K colour temperature
  • Includes a useful RM-1 remote control
  • A diffusion filter for flattering light fall
  • Built-in barn doors to help control light
  • A versatile tilting joint and tripod mount
  • Powered by two Sony NP-F970 Lithium batteries

Please Note: Batteries are not included in this kit and sold separately.

Expanded Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1 Key Features:


This 50-watt high-performance LED light is the ideal light for videographers who need strong, reliable lighting for their production. The light offers an adjustable colour temperature of 2700 - 7500 Kelvin, of which the light scored a highly accurate Colour Rendering Index rating of CRI> 97, TLCI> 97. Furthermore, the light is dimmable from 1-100% meaning you can have full control of the way light will fall on your subject, allowing you to create a particular feeling to the scene you are filming.

Power Options

The Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1 provides options depending on whether you are filming in the studio or out on-location. This light can be powered by mains with the included power cable, or, if you are out on-location you can opt to use two Sony NP-F970 Lithium batteries which will provide long lasting and consistent lighting.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1
  • 1 x Diffusion Filter
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Remote Control


Can you use this light for both photography and videography?

By all means! This light would be primarily used by videographers to capture reliable and high-quality light, but definitely could be used to light a subject for capturing stills. However, unlike flash heads, this doesn't have a single flash mode - it is a constant LED lighting source.

Does this kit include a battery?

No, this kit does not include batteries. These must be purchased separately.

Can this light be used without a battery?

Yes! This light comes with a DC mains power cable, meaning that you can operate this light without a battery.

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Product Specification

Beam Angle 110
Colour Accuracy Standard: CRI 97+
Colour Accuracy Standard: TLCI 97+
Colour Temperature [k] 2700-7500K
Cooling System Passive
Dimming 1% - 100%
DMX Connection No
Equiv Output[W] 50.0
Fixture Mount Light Stand
Included Accessories 1x Bowens LED Light Panel LPL 1, 1x Diffusion Filter, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Remote Control
LED Count 702
No. Of Heads 1
Photometrics: Lux @ 1M 4500
Power Source AC adapter (included), NP-F series batteries (not included)
Remote Control Type 2.4GHz built-in for Bowens RM-1
Size [cm] H32 x W27 x D5.5 cm
Weight [g] 1350.00
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Product Code: 1754160-wex Manufacturers Part Number: BW6220