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Celestron NexGuide AutoGuider

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This easy to use, stand-alone AutoGuider eliminates the need for a laptop computer in the field and is perfect for imaging with your DSLR camera. The sleek design of the NexGuide camera attaches easily to your telescope and has a built-in LCD display that is ideal for tracking long exposure photography. NexGuide is equipped with a sensitive CCD chip (5.6 mm x 4.7 mm), for highly accurate guiding and locating. The AutoGuider automatically sets guiding aggressiveness after calibration of each axis to save you time in the field. It has an easy to use interface and illuminated button hand control so you can quickly navigate through the menu options. NexGuide creates an effortless and enjoyable astrophotography experience!

Celestron NexGuide AutoGuider:

NexGuide Autoguider - General Features

  • Stand-Alone AutoGuider eliminates the need for a laptop computer
  • Sensitive CCD sensor allows you to track on fainter stars
  • Larger chip provides more area for locating and keeping guide star on chip
  • Automatic calibration of each axis in addition to automatically setting guide rate parameters
  • Battery pack provides free and unrestricted use in the field
  • Standard ring allows you to use any 1.25" eyepiece for centring and focusing
  • 9-Button hand control allows quicker access to navigate menus


  • Type: SONY CCD Sensor
  • Chip size: 5.6mm x 4.7 mm
  • Pixel Size: 9.6u x 7.5u
  • 4 D-cell batteries (not included), optional DC power supply

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