Hama Timer Remote Release DCC System Base
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Hama Timer Remote Release DCC System Base

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Capture the moment with the Hama Timer Remote Release DCC (Digital Camera Connecting) System Base. With this Remote you can capture a beautiful flower coming into bloom over the course of an entire day. Acting as a base, the Hama timer remote release is quickly and easily connected to the camera using the corresponding cable connection (not included, available separately - see accessories tab). The timer itself allows automatic as well as manual shots (single and continuous) with use of the 2-stage shutter release button (autofocus, shutter release) for manual individual shots only. Use of the user defined triggering function allows the observation of a person, animal or event over time without the need of having to be standing behind the camera as you can set time-shifted infinite shooting with intervals.

The Hama Timer Remote

Self Portraits With the DCCS, everyone is kept in the picture. Simply set up the camera, press the self-timer and enjoy your new self-portrait

Time exposures In order to take good pictures at night, the camera shutter must remain open longer than in daylight. Depending on the desired effect and available light, this can take between a few seconds and a couple of minutes.

Continuous Shooting The timer function offers demanding photographers the option of creating fascinating photo documentaries. If the pauses between the individual shots are short enough and the subject is photographed over a long period, then the photos can be combined into a high-definition video.

Wireless remote shutter release The wireless shutter release function is ideal for taking close-up photos of shy, curious or dangerous subjects. The photographer is able to monitor the area comfortably from their hiding place and only has to press the button on the transmitter at the right time.

Motion sensor remote release
Depending on the subject being photographed, it can take years of experience, lightning reflexes or a great deal of patience to capture a timid fox striding through the woods, an athlete crossing the finish line at the end of a 100 m sprint, or the erratic movements of a flying bat with a manual release. Here the infrared motion sensor can help even beginners take fascinating photographs.

Separate connection cables are available for all common camera brands with remote control, including Canon, Nikon Sony, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Pentax, Samsung and Fuji and are interchangeable so that the release base has compatibility with a huge range of cameras.

Main features

  • The timer remote release serves as base which is connected with the appropriate connection cable with the camera
  • Interchangeable camera connections (separately available for all common cameras)
  • Cable not included in the delivery package

Advantages of the timer:

  • Documentation of single, automatic shots
  • Observation of persons and proceedings during a fixed period of time
  • Automatic serial shots

The following programs are integrated:

  • Manual individual picture, two-stage shutter release button (autofocus, shutter release)
  • Manual and automatic serial shot function
  • Automatic time exposure with exact time and date
  • Automatic time-shifted shooting
  • User defined triggering: (time-shifted shooting, with interval, e.g. one shot every 60 minutes, desired interval repetitions can be entered - infinite frequency also possible)

Cable Compatibility

Canon users need either the Canon CA-1 (5204) or CA-2 (5205) connection cable
CA-1 Cable (equivalent RS-60 E3): Canon 1100D/1000D/600D/550D/500D/450D/400D/350D/300D/60D/EOS500/300/50/33/30/Powershot G12/G11/G10
CA-2 Cable (equivalent RS-80 N3): Canon 5D Mark II/1Ds Mark III/1Ds Mark II/1Ds/1D Mark II/1D/ Mark III/1D Mark IV/1D/EOS 50D/40D/30D/20D/10D/7D/5D/1V/EOS 3

Nikon users need either the Nikon NI-1 (5206), NI-2 (5207) or NI-3 (5208) connection cable
NI-1 Cable (equivalent MC 30): Nikon D700/ D300S/D300/D200/D100/D3x/D3/D2Xs/D2X/D2Hs/D2H/D2/D1X/D1H/D1/F 100/F 90/F 90X/F 6/F 5
NI-2 Cable (equivalent MC-DC1): Nikon D80/D70s
NI-3 Cable (equivalent MC-DC2): Nikon D7000/D5100/D5000/D3100/D90

Sony users need the Sony SO-1 (5209) connection cable
SO-1 Cable (equivalent to RS-1000/ RM-S1AM): Sony Alpha 900/850/700/580/560/550/500/450/350/300/200/100/55/33

Samsung users need the CA-1 (5204)
Samsung GX20/GX10/GX1S/GX1L

Pentax users need the CA-1 (5204)
Pentax ist D/Ds/DL/DL2//MZ6/K-m/K200D/K110D/K100D/K20D/K10D/K-7/K-5

Panasonic users need the Panasonic PAN-1 (5211) connection cable
Panasonic PAN-1 (equivalent DMW-RS1 Leica CR-DC1): FZ100/ FZ50/FZ30/FZ20 /DMC-GF1/GH-1/GH-2/G10/G2/G1/L10/L1/LC10/LC1

Olympus users need the Olympus OLY-1 (5210) connection cable
OLY-1 Cable (equivalent to Olympus RM-UC 1): Olympus E-P2/E-P1/E-PL2/E-620/600/520/510/450/420/410/400/30

Leica users need the PAN-01 (5211) connection cable
Leica Digilux 3

Kodak users need the CA-2 (5205) or NI-1 (5206) connection cable
CA-2 Cable: Kodak DSC 520
NI-1 Cable: Kodak DCS 760

Konica-Minolta users need the SO-1 (5209) connection cable
Konica - Minolta 7D/5D/D7

Fuji users need the NI-1 (5206) connection cable
Fuji S5 Pro/S3 Pro

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Product Specification

For Use With Various
Size 290 mm
Weight [g] 100.00
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