Calumet FAQs

On the 26th September 2017, Calumet Photographic Limited UK merged with Wex Photo Video. All customer service enquiries are now being handled by Wex Photo Video. 

If you have a question to which you cannot find the answer, please contact the Wex customer service team

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why is the site moving? 
    Calumet Photographic and Wex Photo Video have now merged to offer an improved experience and wider range of products to photographers and filmmakers across the UK.  The recently improved Wex website offers more services and functions, making it the better choice for customers.

  • Can I still place orders? 
    As of Tuesday 26th September, you will no longer be able to access the Calumet website. You will be able to order from the Wex Photo Video website, by phone or in store.

  • What will happen to orders I have already placed?
    All orders will be fulfilled as normal. If you have an item on back-order, we will contact you once stock has arrived and has been allocated to your order.

  • Will I be able to see my order history?
    No, you will not be able to see your order history online. If you need a copy of your receipt/invoice, please contact us on 01603 481765 and select option 2.

  • Will I be able to see my wish lists in the future?
    Wish lists from the Calumet site will not be transferred.

  • Will the stores still be staffed by the same knowledgeable team?
    Yes, there will be no changes to the staffing in the stores.

  • Will Calumet open days still go ahead? 
    Yes, Calumet Open Days will still take place at stores across the UK. Learn about your nearest Open Day event here.

  • Will Calumet Academy workshops continue to be available?
    Calumet Academy workshops will continue to be available alongside Wex Events and all existing bookings will remain valid. Look out for an announcement regarding a new events website soon, or contact the Events Team directly at 

  • Will I still be able to buy Calumet brand products
    Yes, these will be available to buy in store or on the Wex Photo Video website.

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?
    Please contact the Wex Photo Video customer service team and they will endeavour to deal with your enquiry.

  • What number should I use for advice?
    Please contact our customer service team on 01603 481765

  • Will my account transfer automatically to Wex Photo Video?
    All existing Calumet customer accounts have been copied over to the Wex site; to activate yours, visit the Wex Account Login Page and follow the ‘Request a New Password’ link.

  • Are you allowed to copy my account details to another website without prior permission?
    Both Calumet Photographic Limited UK and Wex Photo Video are owned by the same holding company, Aurelius Phi Ltd, and the two companies are becoming one. As the ultimate owner of both businesses is the same entity, customer data can be accessed within strict guidelines of use, compliant with the Data Protection Act. Please note that all customer data is protected to the highest standards of security. Customer data is used in accordance with the permissions given and held, and any unsubscriptions will be honoured. We will not share customer data with any third-parties.

  • I’d like to return an order: how should I do that now?
    If you purchased the item in store, you can return it directly to the store or you can contact our customer service team.

  • Will the warranty for my item be honoured?
    Yes, if you are experiencing any issues with your item within the warranty period, simply contact our customer service team.

  • I have a voucher code/gift card I haven’t used yet: what should I do?
    Gift cards can be redeemed in store or by contacting our customer service team. Web site voucher codes will no longer be valid.

  • There’s a product I regularly buy from Calumet. Will I still be able to get it from Wex?
    All Calumet products should be available on the Wex website. If there is a product that you cannot find listed on, please contact our customer service team and we will endeavour to find it for you.

  • Will my student membership still be valid?
    If you are already signed up to the student scheme, your membership will be honoured for the full 12 months, as per the original terms. 


Download the full press release here.