Delivery to a BFPO Address – Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you deliver to BFPO Addresses

We are able to provide a delivery service to most BFPO addresses, however we can only ensure your parcel is delivered to the BFPO office in Ruislip. Once the item has been handed over to the BFPO we cannot be held responsible for any delays in receiving the item or lost/damaged parcels.

Items will track until they are signed for by the BFPO. The tracking will show it has been exported and in delivery country and delivered, but this is just confirmation it's been handed to the BFPO. We are unable to answer any tracking queries once it has been passed to the BFPO, so you would need to contact them for any queries.

See: BFPO: Send A Parcel for the most up-to-date restrictions from the MOD.

BFPO Number
Max Weight
Max Size
All BFPOs with the exception of HM Ships, Op TELIC & Op HERRICK
30kg per parcel
1.05m length,
2.0m length and girth combined
HM Ships: BFPOs 200 to 499
11kg per parcel
1.05m length,
2.0m length and girth combined
2kg per parcel
0.9m length and depth and width combined,
0.6m single dimension

There are also restrictions on the actual items that can be sent – see BFPO: Mail Prohibitions and Restrictions for the most up-to-date information.

How much does it cost to deliver to a BFPO Address?

All orders to BFPO addresses are charged at a flat rate of £9.95.

How to enter BFPO Addresses

In line with the BFPO guideline for addressing parcels, please enter your BFPO delivery address in our checkout as follows:

  • First Name: Service Number

  • Last Name: Rank and Name

  • Phone number: Enter a contact number, either your own or the recipient's

  • Start Typing Your Postcode: Enter your BFPO postcode in this field and then click the relevant BFPO address to accept it.

  • Company: Please leave blank

  • Address Line One: BFPO Number

  • Address Line Two: Please add any required address information

  • Town/City: BFPO

  • County: Please leave blank

  • Postcode: The relevant BFPO postcode

Is VAT removed for orders dispatched to BFPO addresses?

We are able to remove the VAT for BFPO orders to locations outside the EU. If certain conditions are met we may also be able to remove the VAT for British visiting forces in Cyprus and in Germany, on receipt of a Certificate of Entitlement which can be emailed to the following email address, [email protected] which must be received before the order can be despatched. For further details see section 14 of the following document: The single market (HMRC Reference:Notice 725). If you require any assistance placing your order please call our +44 (0)1603 486413.