The New Wex Website

Welcome to our new website.  We have made a number of evolutionary changes to improve how customers can browse products, manage their accounts, and use our website on smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of our new website, at a glance 

  • It’s easier to find products in our catalogue of 18,000+ photo and video products, with a new and improved search engine.
  • There are larger images and more information on our redesigned our product pages.
  • Save items for future browsing and purchase with our new Wish List function.
  • Account management is simpler, with new tools to allow you to more easily track orders, cancel orders if needed, and keep an address book to ship items to other places.
  • Enjoy browsing on smartphones and tablets with a new design that adapts to your browser or screen size.

In Detail 

The New Product Page

Three of the biggest additions to the page -

  1. We have included larger images and more product information, giving you a better experince and more detail.
  2. You can also add your favourite items to the new Wish List. Items will stay in the Wish List as long as they are on sale with Wex.
  3. We have also added a new 'Ask and Answer' service, where you can ask questions of the Wex Team, or other website users. The answers are shared with all visitors to the page.

Wish List

The new Wish List function can be found at the top of the website, or in My Account. Items that you add to your Wish List will remain there so long as they are sold by Wex.  Information will be automatically updated to reflect the latest prices.

Watch our video on Wish Lists

Address Book

Another new feature is a new Address Book, allowing you to keep and maintain favourite addresses for delivery.  You can add as many addresses as you need.  You can also edit and remove your information as you require.  The Address Book can be found in My Account.

Watch our video on Address Book

Get more from our Blog

Search from hundreds of articles and videos and learn more about products and equipment, techniques to get the best shots, or enter our popular Wex Mondays photo competition.

Watch our video on Searching the Blog

Use on Your Smartphone

Our new website is also fully compatible with your preferred smartphone browser.  The website will automatically change its shape and format to give you the best experience on the go.

Immediate Problems 

If you have any problems which prevent you from using our new website, please get in contact with us.

General Feedback 

If you would like to send us more general feedback, we have set up a survey where you can leave your thoughts and comments on the changes we have made.  All comments are greatly appreciated.