Part Exchange and Used Items – Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is my item worth?/How do I obtain a quote for a part-exchange?

In order to obtain a quotation for part exchanging your items, please complete our online form. Someone from our part exchange team will get back to you with a quotation within 1 working day. (Please ensure you click 'add item' for each item you wish to get a quote for, even if you only have one item).

We are unable to provide a quote over the phone.

Unfortunatly we are unable to offer trade in for customers based in Jersey or Guernsey.

Are there any items you won’t provide a quote for?

All of our offers are based on our view of the second-hand market and in particular our ability to sell the items we part exchange to our customers.  As such we are unable to quote for the following reasons:             

  • Grey Import - We are able to offer a value for an item that was originally sourced from outside of the EU, however, this would be subject to a lesser value.
  • Faulty - Due to the fault listed for this item, we regret to inform you that we would be unable to accept this item in its current condition.
  • Unable to accept – Regretfully we’re unable to offer a value for your item due to our current market conditions.

We also don’t accept Telescopes, Non-Genuine Battery Grips, Film Cameras, Printers, Scanners and Drones.

How do I get my items to you?

We can organise a free courier service to collect the items from you on a day of your convenience, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, we can send you pre-paid postage labels so you can post the items to us via your local post office.

How long does it take to inspect my items?

We will have your items inspected within a maximum of three working days.

Do you offer store inspections?

Yes we do. All stores offer a drop-off service, you can drop your kit off at any time and your chosen store will get back to you within 3 working days with a final quote, please call our Part Exchange team on 01603 481836. Please note we don't offer cash in-store.

Do you buy items for cash?

We currently offer cash on all items, when submitting your quote, please be sure to select the Payment Method "Cash" so we can ensure we process this correctly.

What is the warranty on used items?

Used items are supplied with a 12 month Wex warranty unless otherwise specified. For full details of our warranty on sale of used products please see our Terms and Conditions.

Wex Pre-Loved Grading System

  • MO Mail Order Returns
  • OB Packaging has been opened and box seal broken
  • D Never owned - Used for demonstration purposes only
  • R Refurbished by the Manufacturer to original specifications
  • 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new
  • 9+ Nearly New
  • 9 Very little signs of use
  • 9- Shows light signs of use
  • 8 Shows signs of use
  • 7 Shows moderate wear and signs of use
  • 6 Well used - may exhibit scuffs and/or marking
  • IN Incomplete - Use for spares only

Is VAT chargeable on the purchase of used products? 

On second-hand items, when applicable, VAT is calculated under the VAT Margin Scheme, as defined by HM Revenue & Customs. Under this scheme VAT is not shown separately. 

What are your current trade in offers?

Details of our current trade in offers can be found here.