Product Support - Faulty / Damaged 

I've just received my goods, but they are damaged?

We’re really sorry to hear that your item has arrived damaged. If we could ask you to send a photo of the damage to our customer service team at customercare@wex.co.uk and include your order number in the subject line. Once you have sent this to us, please get in touch with our support team on 01603 486413 so that we can look into it for you.

I've had my goods less than 30 days, and they appear to be faulty?

We have found that many problems can be overcome by simply referring to the 'troubleshooting' section of your manual or on the manufacturers website. If you have done this and the goods still seem to be faulty please contact our customer service team to report the issue.

If the fault occurs within the first 30 days you will always have the choice of either a replacement or a refund, once we have tested the returned goods.

My item is over 30 days old, and has developed a fault.

A large proportion of items returned to us as faulty, are found to working correctly by the manufacturer, so it is always worth referring to the 'troubleshooting' section of your manual or the manufacturers website in the first instance. Manufacturers know their products best, so this is usually the quickest way to resolve an issue.

If you have done this and the goods still seem to be faulty, please refer to the table below on how to proceed next. Before you get in touch, you’ll need:

  1. The serial number of your faulty product. (You can only find it on your product).
  2. You may also need a copy of your receipt. If you log into 'My Account' you can download a copy.

If the fault has occurred within the first six months after delivery, but after the first 30 days, you can request a repair or replacement of the faulty goods. However, we reserve the right to choose a solution when the choice of the customer is disproportionate or impossible to fulfill. In the majority of cases, it is likely that we will elect to send an item for repair in the first instance. If the repair is unsuccessful, you can then claim a replacement or a full refund.  Alternatively, we will seek to agree on a price reduction with you if you wish to keep the product.

In all cases, we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault.  If no fault is found, the product will be returned to you.

Apple - If you have a faulty Apple product please contact them directly by calling Apple support on 0870 846 0753.

Eizo - If you have a faulty Eizo monitor please contact them directly by visiting https://www.eizo.co.uk/support-service/customer-support/warranty-contact-form/ or by calling Eizo support on 01344 317489. 

GoPro - For faulty GoPro items, please contact them directly on 0330 808 1875. 

Wacom - For faulty Wacom products, please contact them directly on 0207 744 08 31.

For full details on our returns policy please see our Terms and Conditions.

Returning faulty drones

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with your drone. Drones are incredibly complex flying machines. Occasionally users report a loss of control which can either be momentarily or for a long period of time. The most common cause for this is user error (on most occasions this happens to new pilots), this can be either due to loss of orientation while flying, or not performing the correct setup procedure. If you believe your drone to be faulty, please contact our customer service team. They will arrange for the return of the item, which will then be sent for testing. We are unable to replace or refund any drone until it has been fully tested and the fault has been confirmed.

I have a question about repairs

We try to get all repairs done as soon as possible and as a guide, we say that repair can take up to 6 weeks. Obviously, it depends on the fault as to how long it may take as sometimes parts are needed from other parts of the world. We try to keep all our customers updated with repairs but if you have a question regarding your repair please contact our customer service team.