Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter
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Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter

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The 105mm Landscape Polarising filter from Lee is a slim, circular glass filter specially designed for landscape photographers using wide-angle lenses on full-frame DSLRs. Its sleek, ultra-thin design allows the use of wider lenses, such as a 17mm, and will also prevent any unwanted vignetting that's associated with filters that have a thicker frame. The filter will remove potentially distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces and it features a subtle tint of warmth to help boost the colours (greens and blues) associated with landscape photography.

Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter:

  • 105mm rotating polariser with circular thread
  • Ideal for landscape photographers
  • Minimises glare and light reflected from non-metallic objects (eg. glass, water)
  • Slimmer version to avoid vignetting
  • For use with 16/17mm wideangle lenses
  • Suitable on full-frame
  • Features a slightly warm tint (boosts reds, browns, greens)

Attaching the 105mm Landscape Polarising filter

Unscrew the 4 brass screws at the front of the filter holder. Remove the thin front face blades. Screw a 105mm Accessory Ring to the front of the filter holder using the existing screws. Screw a 105mm Polariser to the Accessory Ring. Because the Landscape Polariser screws onto the front of the holder, it leaves both slots in the holder free, allowing the photographer to add further filters of their choice, opening up even more creative possibilities.

Lee Polariser Filter Product Video

Why use a Polariser?

Polarising filters are used to manage light at wavelength scale, and if magnified could be a likened to a series of microscopic slats. In use, as the filter is rotated, it either transmits or blocks the waves of light that are vibrating in particular orientations. When light from the sun bounces off a flat non metallic surface, such as glass or water, it becomes polarised - i.e. all of the reflected light waves vibrate in the same plane. This reflected glare can be removed by the polarising filter.

Rotation of the filter will be needed to find the optimum position of the Polariser. In photographic terms this can render water or glass transparent, and gives the impression of saturating colours in a scene, because much of the reflected glare from the subject is removed by the Polariser.

On a clear sunny day, much of the light in the sky is also polarised, and the filter will give a very strong blue effect when used at 90 degrees from the sun - any white clouds will stand out impressively.

Which Polariser - Linear or Circular?

There are 2 types of polarising filter: linear and circular. These terms do not refer to the shape of the filter, but rather the way in which the filter modifies the light waves that pass through it. The type of filter required depends on the camera. If you use an autofocus SLR (digital or 35mm) in, for example, spot metering mode, you will need a Circular Polariser. This is because a Linear Polariser will interfere with the complex metering and AF systems of modern cameras. If you use a manual focus camera, whether 35mm or medium format, you can use either a Circular or a Linear Polariser. If you are still unsure of the type of Polariser you require, check your camera's instruction manual.

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Product Specification

Thread Size (mm) 105
effects Circular Polariser
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